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Victimology + Victim Studies


The recognition of victims' issues has taken on great importance in this day and age. Victims of all types require advocates and service providers that can assist them in understanding their rights and guiding them through the various processes and resources available to them. In response, Anna Maria College has developed an interdisciplinary minor/certificate program in Victimology + Victim Studies.

The curriculum draws on coursework in Criminal Justice, Human Development, Nursing, Psychology and Social Work. The interdisciplinary nature of the program seeks to explore and analyze the history and evolution of victimology; the causes and consequences of trauma and crime on victims and survivors including who is impacted and the systems response; and the developing field of victim advocacy including the history and nature of the victims' rights movement, basic victims' rights, communication and service provision, cultural and spiritual skills, and ethical issues.

Students enrolled in a bachelor's degree program in any field or concentration may earn a minor in Victimology + Victim Studies though the completion of four required courses and two electives. Students who currently, or who seek to work in law enforcement, the courts, corrections and professional settings involving work with victims of crime, families of crime victims, victims of disaster and the community at large may pursue a certificate program in Victimology + Victim Studies through the completion of four required courses and four electives.