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Early Childhood Education + Care


Students who may not be interested in Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education licensure may be interested in working in the field of early education and care. An option for these students includes preparation for the Early Education and Care (EEC) certification for work with children from birth to 8 years of age. These students major in Human Development and Human Services and select a minor in Education or Special Education to complete requirements for Early Education and Care Certification. See the School of Justice and Social Sciences for specifics about the major and optional minors. 

Students taking the Early Education and Care Minors will demonstrate an understanding of the growth and development of children and youth; examine methods for guiding and interacting with children and youth; explore strategies for partnering with families and communities; articulate understanding of the importance of health, safety, and nutrition in development; plan learning environments and implement curriculum; examine and develop methods for observation, assessment, and documentation; demonstrate knowledge of program planning and development; and demonstrate professionalism and leadership.