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New Students
New students register for their fall courses during their summer SOAR date or through the Advising Center if they are unable to attend SOAR. Advisors walk students through appropriate course selection based on program of study and personal goals. Advisors also review the following information during new student registration:
  1. College and program of study requirements
  2. Academic Expectations
  3. Balancing multiple responsibilities (i.e. school, work, family, social)
  4. Accessing Anna Maria College's Online Resources Page 
  5. Accessing Anna Maria College student email account
  6. Accessing the Anna Maria College New Student Forms
  7. Navigating the online book search through the Anna Maria College Bookstore
Continuing Students
Registration for continuing students occurs twice during the academic year. Students register for their spring classes toward the end of the fall semester and for ther fall classes toward the end of their spring semester.