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The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare professionals in criminal justice to take on leadership roles.

Recognizing the challenges and demands on professionals, the program instructs students on diversity and inclusion enabling them to deal professionally in and with an ever-evolving national and global society. Our students explore the complexities of searching for answers to crime problems in an area closely tied to social, political and economic factors. Students study both ethics and theory throughout the curriculum, integrating the two as they inform policy and decision-making.

  • The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program is approved by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for participation in the Police Career Incentive Pay Program (Quinn Bill approved institution).

Anna Maria College offers related Graduate Certificate programs applicable for a student’s track in the Master of Science in Criminal Justice:

Anna Maria College’s criminal justice programs contribute to and educate within some of the highest academic standards in the field through a strong curriculum engaging theory and practice. As the field of criminal justice grows and evolves, so will our programs, which will continue to stand as a model for academic change and excellence. Collaborations and partnerships have allowed the programs to provide education and leadership beyond the traditional classroom walls.

Emphasis on intellectual involvement, career preparation, social awareness, and dedication to peace and justice are cornerstones of our programs
. Students are exposed to the classical and modern theories of crime and victimization while given the opportunity to test and expand on theories through a directed capstone project or master's thesis.

The faculty brings a broad spectrum of educational achievements and professional experiences to the classroom. Faculty and students come together as a community of scholars and learners to acquire knowledge in an ever-changing field and to explore the boundaries of that knowledge through research and analytical thought. Anna Maria College educated criminal justice professionals have a commitment to professionalism and excellence and are cognizant of their responsibilities to the community.

Mission Statement
The Anna Maria College Criminal Justice Program's mission is to educate students in policy, social issues, and leadership. We graduate leaders that inspire and train others to become leaders. Prepare, and empower students for careers in and related to criminal justice. Including (but not limited to):

-Law Enforcement -Advocacy -Financial Crimes
-Cybersecurity -Cybercrimes -Courts
-Corrections -Terrorism -Private Security
-Education -Research -Social Services
-Emergency Management

Vision Statement
Through strategic partnerships with local and federal law enforcement agencies, courts, correctional facilities, community organizations, research institutions, and public entities, the Anna Maria College Criminal Justice Programs will produce strong leaders, educated advocates, and socially aware researchers. The graduates of the program will be active in the local, national, and global community. Alumni of the program will become mentors to currents students and agents of change, activism, or support to those in need.