Degree Requirements
The Master's in Criminal Justice consists of 12 courses (36 credits) sequence in accordance with program requirements. In order to graduate, you must maintain an overall grade-point average of 3.0. and successfully completed the Capstone Project or written thesis.
The program consists of twelve courses: a required four-course sequence, seven electives, and successful completion of the Capstone Project or a written thesis.
Required Courses (4)
GRS 600 Ethical Theory (or equivalent)
CRJ 710 Research Design and Methodology
CRJ 711 Statistical Analysis
CRJ 816 Criminological Thought
Elective Courses (7)
CRJ 630 Directed Study
CRJ 710 Research Design and Methodology
CRJ 711 Statistical Analysis
CRJ 779 White Collar Crime
CRJ 797 Anatomy of a Homicide
CRJ 712 Technology and Crime
CRJ 798 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJ 799 Justice Colloquium
CRJ 713 Forensic Anthropology
CRJ 764 Forensic Psychology
CRJ 768 Organized Crime
CRJ 803 Juvenile Offender
CRJ 805 Forensics
CRJ 806 Ethics and Criminal Justice
CRJ 816 Criminological Thought
CRJ 822 Criminal Justice and Public Policy
CRJ 831 School and Workplace Safety
CRJ 844 Principles of Security Management
CRJ 823 Drugs and Human Behavior
CRJ 850 The Analysis of Terrorism
CRJ 825 Community Corrections
CRJ 852 Global Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJ 890 Internship
CRJ 826 Social Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJ 828 Gender and Crime
CRJ 891 Policy and Strategy (Capstone Project)
CRJ 892 Thesis
CRJ 912 Grantsmanship - Research, Writing and Relationships
HLS 701 Foundations of Homeland Security
HLS 704 Partnerships for Homeland Security
VCT 601 Victim Studies
HLS 702 Domestic Threat and Policy Analysis
HLS 703 International Threat and Policy Analysis
VCT 602 Trauma and its Effects
VCT 605 Victim Advocacy
VCT 613 Children as Victims
VCT 616 Elder Fraud and Abuse
VCT 622 Domestic and Family Violence
VCT 798 Special Topics in Victim Studies
Capstone/Thesis Requirement (1)
CRJ 891 Policy and Strategy or CRJ 892 Thesis