Program outcomes are defined as performance indicators that reflect the extent to which the purposes of the nursing education program are achieved and which the program documents effectiveness. Program outcomes are measurable, consumer-oriented indexes designed to evaluate the degree to which the program is achieving its mission and goals. Examples include, but are not limited to, NCLEX-RN Licensure Pass Rates, Program Completion; and, Employment Rate.

  • Upon completion of the Anna Maria College nursing program, the following Expected Level of Student Achievements (ELA) have been developed by the Nursing Faculty regarding the NCLEX-RN  Licensure pass rates, program completion, and employment.

The AMC Prelicensure BSN Program’s annual licensure examination pass rate will be at least 80% for all first-time test-takers during the same 12-month period January 1 through December 31).

~  2015 AMC Results = 93% (MA Results = 83.6%, National Results = 84.51%)

~  2016 AMC Results = 78% (MA Results = 83.61%, National Results = 84.56%)

~ 2017 AMC Results = 76% (MA Results = 86%, National Results = 87.11%)

  •  Program Completion: Expected Level of Achievement (ELA) developed by Anna Maria Nursing Faculty are:

Prelicensure BSN Program: 50% or greater will graduate within 6 years.

~  2015 Program Completion Rate:  64.6% (Inaugural Class)

~  2016 Program Completion Rate:  57.14%

~  2017 Program Completion Rate:  To be determined in May 2019

RN to BSN Program: 70% or greater of the students will graduate within 3 years from July 1 – June 30th.

~  2014 - 2015 Program Completion Rate:  100%

  • Employment Rate: Expected Level of Achievement (ELA) developed by AMC Faculty is:

Prelicensure BSN Program: 100% of the responding graduates of the nursing program are employed in a nursing position within one year.

~  2017 Employment Rate:  100%

RN to BSN Program:  100% of the responding graduates of the nursing program are employed in a setting that allows them to practice within the full extent of their education from July 1 – June 30th.

~  2016 - 2017 Employment Rate: 100%