AMC alumni Mag Autumn 2013
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Our History
More than 150 years ago, in the Canadian province of Quebec, a woman named Esther Blondin, struggled to fulfill a longtime dream “…to empower people – especially the poor illiterate children of the Quebec countryside by teaching them religion, reading, writing, and arithmetic.” With great passion and audacity, Esther Blondin, now called Mother Marie Anne, pursued this vision, turning it into the exceptional teaching mission of the congregation she founded – the Sisters of Saint Anne.

Inspired by Mother Marie Anne, the Sisters of Saint Anne founded Anna Maria College in 1946 to provide a quality education to those less fortunate. Their goal at the time was “…to make higher education available to women of modest means.”  In 1952, the College was moved to its current location in Paxton, MA.  Today, Anna Maria College is dedicated to providing a quality, affordable education to both men and women pursuing their dreams of a higher education.

Our Mission

Anna Maria College, a Catholic institution of higher learning, recognizes its obligation to serve its immediate community, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the nation and the world through the provision of education, the preservation of learning, and the sponsorship of research.

Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition of higher education, Anna Maria College is maintained and operated in conformity with the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition and in keeping with the ideals of its foundresses, the Sisters of Saint Anne. These ideals, which reflect the development of the total human being, also include increasing access to quality education, educational innovation and respect for practical skills.

Specifically, Anna Maria College sees its mission to be that of fostering in its students intellectual involvement, career preparation, social awareness, dedication to justice and peace, religious and moral sensitivity, and a lifestyle capable of sustaining these within balance.

In addition, the College is committed to nurturing the development of a sense of respect for oneself and for others, as well as a sense of responsibility to society and the world.

To effect this mission, the College offers its undergraduate students a program integrating a liberal arts education and strong career preparation. To its graduate students, the College offers an education fostering high standards of personal development and professional achievement, as well as a mature sense of responsibility.

In fulfilling its role as an institution of higher education, Anna Maria College does not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected category in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships, loan programs, and other College administered programs.