Dr.HeslingaAbout Virginia Heslinga, Ed.D.

Virginia Heslinga, Ed.D, has been bringing excitement and passion into her classroom since she began her teaching career in 1976.  A graduate of Marshall University, Huntington, WVA, Dr. Heslinga earned her master’s degree in education from Widener University, in Chester, PA, and her doctorate in education through the University of Phoenix, AZ.   Her expansive career has included teaching students in elementary, middle and high school settings, as well as in undergraduate and graduate college programs, all of which have been in public, private, charter, and religious schools. Dr. Heslinga joined the Anna Maria College community in 2004.

Dr. Heslinga’s extraordinary service to the teaching profession goes far beyond the classroom.  Her dissertation required research and interviews in five provinces of China and five states in the United States. Since joining AMC, Dr. Heslinga has kept up her research in China by providing summer in-service and professional training for teachers of English in remote regions of this country.  Her work has heightened her appreciation and knowledge of cross-cultural teaching and learning.  Dr. Heslinga’s current research investigates pedagogical theories in action in a variety of cultures and relational practices in school systems, and introduces creative approaches to curriculum and systems heavily weighted toward memorizing and testing.

In 2011, Dr. Heslinga received the Anna Maria College award for Living the Mission, and serves as a mentor and presenter with the Center for Teaching Excellence at the College.