Overview of General Education Required Courses

General Education Course   Recommended Year
First Year Seminar   Freshman Year
Freshman Composition*   Freshman Year
Writing Through Literature*   Freshman Year
Introduction to Philosophy   Freshman Year
Explorations in Natural Sciences   Freshman Year
Introduction to Theology   Sophomore Year
Explorations in Western Cultures & History   Sophomore Year
Global Language I   Sophomore Year
Global Language II   Sophomore Year
Explorations in Societies of the World   Sophomore Year
Explorations in Creativity and Imagination   Sophomore Year
Quantitative Reasoning   Junior Year
Explorations in Writing for Career and Creativity*   Junior Year
Explorations in the U.S. in the World   Junior Year
Explorations in Catholic Worldview   Senior Year
Explorations in Global Dynamics   Senior Year
Capstone Course in Major   Senior Year

Writing Courses

* Students will be required to take three sequential writing courses – possibilities follow:

  • ENG 103, ENG 104, EC in Writing for Career and Creativity
  • ENG 102, ENG 103 and ENG 104

** Students are required to achieve a grade of C or better in ENG 102, 103 and 104. Each course may only be repeated twice. If a student fails any one of these courses twice the student will be dismissed from the college.

Exploration Courses 

Exploration Courses available for any given semester will be indicated through the online course scheduling system and available to students through the, faculty advisors, and the Registrar’s Office. All courses approved to meet these requirements will be identified as such in the AMC online student registration portal. A description of each Exploration category is located below. 

Global Language Course(s)

All students will be required to take any two Global Language courses. Students are exempt from the first course in the Global Language sequence through two years of a global language in high school. The only exception to the Global Language requirement is granted to students who can prove competency in a Global Language other than English. The exemption is granted either through documentation (such as school transcripts) that they are fluent in a language other than English or demonstration of that competency determined by a formal assessment conducted by a designated member of the School of Humanities.

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

This course may be taken during any semester – Freshman through Senior year. Students should consult their program of study prior to selecting a course to meet this requirement.

Philosophy, Theology, Catholic Worldview Sequence

Students must complete the three-course philosophy and theology sequence. Students first take PHL 110 Introduction to Philosophy during their freshman or sophomore year. After successful completion of PHL 110, students complete THE 210 Introduction to Theology. Finally, after successfully completing both PHL 110 and THE 210, students select an approved course to meet the Explorations in Catholic Worldview requirement.

General Education Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer students enrolling at Anna Maria College with an earned Associate’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution or who have earned a minimum of 60 transferrable credits from a regionally accredited institution are potentially eligible for General Education exemptions for first and second year general education courses. Anna Maria College reserves the right to require transfer students to successfully complete ENG103 and/or ENG104 and any additional first and second year General Education courses if needed for the major. Please refer to the Transfer Admissions Section of the Course Catalog for complete information regarding Transfer Enrollment policies.