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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The major in business administration prepares students to make business decisions with a solid foundation in business concepts and critical thinking skills. Upper level elective courses in management, marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, and finance are offered to meet the specific educational goals of the student. Students who wish to balance classroom theory with real-life experience are encouraged to pursue one of the many internship opportunities available in the local area in fields such as banking, retailing, investments, and insurance. The major has an active student-run Business Club which enhances students' learning experiences.


In addition to College and general Business Administration requirements, Business Administration majors must complete the following courses:

  •  Leadership 
  •  Researching the Social World 
  •  Applied Statistics and Quantitative Reasoning 
  •  Principles of Accounting I 
  •  Principles of Accounting II 
  •  Principles of Management 
  •  Principles of Financial Management I 
  •  Principles of Financial Management II 
  •  Business Law 
  •  Marketing Principles
  •  Principles of Microeconomics 
  •  Principles of Macroeconomics 
Learning Outcomes for Business Administration

  Students in the Business Administration Major will demonstrate:

1.     Knowledge of the functional areas of business – accounting, finance, management, and marketing
2.    Knowledge of the economy and its impact on the operations of a business
3.    Skills in decision-making given legal and global influences
4.    Ethical reasoning and decision-making relating to the business environment
5.    Integrative experience demonstrating the ability to synthesize and apply knowledge and skills

Business Administration Majors
Business Administration Major with Minor/Concentration in Non-Profit & NGO Management