Catholic Studies
Instruction in theology lies at the heart of the College’s expression of its Catholic mission. Those students wishing to pursue a major program infused with the study of theology will major in the interdisciplinary, humanities-based Catholic Studies program. All students at the College, however, are encouraged to pursue their knowledge of religion, of the Catholic faith, and their own spirituality through theology electives or the minor in Catholic Studies.
The mission of Catholic Studies is to provide a setting where students and faculty can explore the faith heritage of the Catholic Church found in ecclesial, liturgical, theological, philosophical, cultural, historical, and educational expressions. Interested persons can pursue individualized paths of study in this rich religious and humanistic tradition to come to a fuller understanding of human persons, their potentialities, and of the world in which they live.

Since Catholicism is about community, the Catholic Studies program takes place within a communal framework. Professors and students meet regularly for formal and informal sessions centered on the liturgy, service to the poor and marginalized, and intellectual, cultural or social extracurricular events. Such community activities generate a felt appreciation of the Catholic heritage, build respect for the person, and contribute to fundamental character growth, all of which are major outcomes of an Anna Maria College education. The program is centered on Christ, the perfect revelation of God. In the Catholic tradition, Christ radically affects every aspect of human life and history: the created world, the Church, the sacraments, and the depths of the human person. The Catholic community hands down its experience of Christ in each generation, penetrating all life. “Catholic,” indeed, means universal. The major in Catholic Studies offers the opportunity to explore the Catholic faith, its community, and its tradition in an interdisciplinary manner, focused in the humanities.     

  Through the study of theology, history, the arts, literature, spirituality, and society interacting in all their revelatory and humanistic dimensions, the student encounters faith and humanity more deeply. The Catholic Studies Major prepares students for graduate study or a profession or a clerical, religious, or lay calling in a pastorally related field. These include a vocation in the diaconate, priesthood, religious order, youth ministry, religious education, religious education management, parish leadership, diocesan administration, publishing, religious communications, retreat direction, humanitarian and community services. In addition to a meaningful education in Catholic Studies with a pastoral emphasis, students will have the opportunity to focus their interest with additional coursework, research, and internships in specific areas of career preparation.
Learning Outcomes for Catholic Studies
 Students successfully completing the Bachelor’s degree in Catholic Studies will be able to:

1. Enter into written and oral scholarly discourse on topics in Catholic ecclesial, liturgical, theological, philosophical, cultural,  historical, and educational studies

2. Identify expressions of Catholic faith, theology, or spirituality as these are presented in art, music, or literature 

3. Explore and demonstrate the intersection of faith and reason in courses across the curriculum

4. Present a portfolio of substantial written and creative coursework in conjunction with a cumulative, integrating reflection paper

For more information, please contact:

Andrew McCarthy
Assistant Professor, Humanities and Theology
(508) 849-3414