Graphic Design Major

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design student has the opportunity to combine both the creative and business aspects in the development of career opportunities. Coursework develops problem solving skills, critical design thought, language and technical skills. As this is a professional degree, students may wish to combine this program with a major or minor in Business.

In addition to the College's core and Art core, Graphic Design majors are required to complete one Art Appreciation or Art History elective and Photography I and II.

Marketing Principles
Principles of Advertising
Introduction to Graphic Design
History of Graphic Design
Typography II
Business and Production for the Designer
Digital Imaging and Electronic Photo Manipulation
A Communications elective
Two upper level Graphic Design electives
Three electives in Art, Business, Communication or Graphics

Students are highly encouraged to complete a supervised three or six credit internship in the graphic industry.

Minor in Graphic Design
A minor in Graphic Design may be of particular interest to any student who is interested in combining graphic skills or business programs into their curriculum. Minor requirements include:

Fundamentals of Design
Photography I
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Introduction to Graphic Design
Digital Photography and Electronic Photo Manipulation
Plus one Business elective

In addition to acceptance to Anna Maria College, Art students must be accepted into their chosen program by completing an art portfolio review. Please contact Gia Coleman at or (508) 849-3450 for further information or to schedule your portfolio review.

Contacts for the School of Visual and Performing Arts

Luke Buffenmyer, Director of Art  
(508) 849-3464