School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences is home to the Departments of Art and Design, Humanities and Music. Together these three departments offer 10 different challenging and rewarding majors and over a dozen minors that focus on active learning in the classroom, and creative partnerships between faculty and students in academic research and artistic expression. The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, the arts, and service to our local, national, and international communities. This emphasis will enable our students to integrate their classroom experiences with their intellectual and artistic passions to help them become thoughtful and expert practitioners and leaders in their professions.

Department of Art and Design
The Department of Art and Design at Anna Maria College offers modern comprehensive programs in Art Therapy, Graphic Design, Digital and Social Media Design, Video and Photographic Arts, Studio Art, and Self-Designed Program in Art, within a vibrant liberal arts college curriculum. Through a multi-disciplinary curriculum, the program majors develop essential skills in various media through intensive studio and academic courses providing students a framework on which to build their academic and professional careers.

The Studio Model
Essential to all programs is The Studio Model. In a studio course students work in a specifically designed space which creates an open collaborative environment. This Studio Model provides an expansive and expressive atmosphere for learning. The studio environment allows open communication and constructive criticism to enrich and forward art practice. Imperative to the model is the required work outside of designated meeting times. The studio demands the constant process of production-critique-production, seeking feedback from all participants. The faculty teaches, guides, and nurtures the group or cohort. The value of the Studio Model is essential to the development and practice of art. All majors, Studio Art, Self-Designed Program in Art, Digital and Social Media Design, Graphic Design, Video and Photographic Arts, and Art Therapy, are required to complete their two-semester capstone experience which culminates in an exhibition at the end of the year.

Department of Humanities
The variety of majors offered by the Department of Humanities are connected by a common approach to learning that empowers and prepares you to deal with complexity, diversity, and change – in your careers as well as in society and the larger world today. The majors and minors offered by the Department of Humanities help to open your eyes to a broader knowledge of our globe, while giving you the opportunity to carry out an in-depth study of your chosen field. You will be supported by our faculty to develop a deeper sense of social responsibility, as well as strong and transferable intellectual and practical skills that can further your career, such as critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving abilities. Employers today are increasingly looking for college graduates that can write clearly, communicate effectively, and think creatively. These skills are learned and cultivated in our Department of Humanities courses, and you will also have many opportunities to apply them in real-world settings as an Anna Maria graduate. Studying the humanities prepares you to succeed and manage change in any endeavor, and to contribute to a better world.

Department of Music
The Anna Maria College Department of Music promotes the holistic development of its students enabling them to reach his or her fullest potential. The Department of Music fosters academic and performance excellence and professional integrity, coupled with an appreciation for the arts as an essential element of the human experience. Combined with a strong liberal arts core, Anna Maria College music majors are afforded the opportunity to become highly competent practitioners as professional musicians, educators and clinicians through our undergraduate programs in music education, music therapy, and music.


Your professors will know much more than your name. They will know your goals and how you intend to reach them. And they will be there to support you at every step, even well after you’ve graduated and are on your way.


Our programs are specifically designed to provide you with strong practical skills and connect you to professional opportunities. We want to make sure you graduate from our programs knowing where you want to go and that you possess the skills and confidence to get there.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Majors

Catholic Studies

Students will be prepared for a vocation in youth ministry, religious education, parish leadership, diocesan administration, publishing, religious communications, retreat direction, humanitarian and community services, or a variety of public leadership positions, the diaconate, priesthood, or a religious order.

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English Literature

The program in English prepares students for a wide range of careers and graduate study, focusing as it does on the study of literature in English and the development of critical reading and writing skills.

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General History

History is part of a broad based liberal arts curriculum, au such, it prepares students for a range of careers in teaching, business, politics, museums or archives. It also prepares students for graduate study in History or Law.

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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies students can prepare for a career in teaching with an education concentration. Students in this track take courses in history, humanities, math, science the arts, and education and would be prepared for licensure as a teacher of Elementary Education.

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The study of theology builds upon thousands of years of discourse and reflection, and on the foundational elements of both faith and reason. Students will practice the valuable skills of thinking, reading, writing, and speaking on some of the most relevant, complex and life-defining topics.

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a new, exciting career that offers a challenging opportunity to combine creativity, psychology, and compassionate service. The Art Therapy curriculum is balanced between art courses, psychology, and human services courses, internships, and capstone courses.

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Digital and Social
Media Design

Students are expected to learn the foundations of formal, aesthetic, and analytical skills while exploring the ever-changing, ever-evolving, and context-shifting world of digital media communications.

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Graphic Design

Through the combined experience of professional practices, internships and senior project and exhibition, the students develop a cohesive portfolio for either admission to a graduate program or the pursuit of a career as a design professional.

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Video and Photographic Arts

Both still and moving images are essential to our visual vocabulary in our media infused world. Students are expected to learn the foundations of formal, aesthetic, and analytical skills, exploring the creative and technical aspects of narration and storytelling.

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Studio Art

The Studio Art major develops essential skills through intensive studio courses students create a framework on which to build their academic and artistic careers. We prepare students for a wide range of art-related career options or graduate study in Fine Art or Art Education.

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The goal of music study at Anna Maria College is the development of sensitivity, intellectual background and technical dexterity in order to realize to the greatest extent possible each student’s potential for self-expression and communication through music.

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Music Education

A carefully coordinated combination of course work and field experience assures the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for success as a classroom teacher of vocal, instrumental and general music. Graduates are eligible for Initial Licensure by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

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Music Therapy

Students will acquire basic Music Core skills, learn clinical musicianship through hands-on class work, learn skills and knowledge-based clinical competencies in the areas of techniques, theory and research, and have clinical placements in community settings.

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