School of Professional Studies

School of Professional Studies

The Anna Maria School of Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies serves the needs of students who are preparing for undergraduate degrees that meet business, industry and community demands. Our programs are relevant to today’s market and taught by forward thinking professors who presently work or have worked in a leadership capacity in their field. Our undergraduate programs include: business administration, criminal justice, digital marketingeducationfire science, forensic criminology, health and community services, health sciences, health administration, human development and human services, law and society, nursing, paramedic science, psychology, social work, and sports management. These values-based, service-focused programs prepare students for the increasingly rapid developments and changes that may happen within their community, and for the challenges they may meet in their future careers. 

Courses within each program provide a strong foundation and, since not all learning happens in the classroom, the School of Professional Studies majors connect theory to practice with direct experience in laboratories, simulation labs, and within the community. 

Students may participate in outdoor classroom experiences to include conducting “on-campus live burns,” crime scene recovery simulations, operating drones used in simulated emergency management situations, or exploring the campus for environmental changes. Students are provided with “hands on experiences.”  Students further develop their proficiencies and practical relevant skills through internships, field experience, and directed studies in their areas of interest.

Fifth-year options are available for students interested in continuing their education through the Division of Advanced Studies Graduate programs offered include: Master in Public Administration, Master of Science in Health Emergency Management, Master in Criminal Justice, Master in Business Administration, Master in Counseling Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Master in Education, and Master in Social Work.


Your professors will know much more than your name. They will know your goals and how you intend to reach them. And they will be there to support you at every step, even well after you’ve graduated and are on your way.


Our programs are specifically designed to provide you with strong practical skills and connect you to professional opportunities. We want to make sure you graduate from our programs knowing where you want to go and that you possess the skills and confidence to get there.

School of Professional Studies Majors

Business Administration

Students will develop leadership skills and training to approach obstacles with proven methods and innovative solutions. Our business degree programs include courses in accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing, business analysis, and computer applications.

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Criminal Justice

Students will develop a critical understanding of the field of criminal justice through a balance of theory and practical application, develop an interdisciplinary perspective on the issues which face criminal justice professionals, and develop leadership and decision making skills.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies in the 21st century depend on the use of new/digital media, with social media as the fastest-growing business tool. This major combines such areas to prepare graduates for the ever-changing, highly competitive field.

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The programs are built on the idea that K–12 students are unique individuals, who are joined together as different members of a learning community. As learning community members, there is a responsibility to respect, support, and learn from each other.

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Emergency Management

Students participating in the emergency management program will be prepared to build community resilience and sustainability, and engage in planning and response that overcomes challenges.

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Fire Science

The goal of the program is to produce well-rounded emergency services professionals who have the necessary foundational knowledge, training, and certifications to have a competitive edge in obtaining professional emergency service employment.

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Forensic Criminology

While Criminal Justice aims to study the breadth of criminal activities and its control through policing and corrections, Forensic Criminology explores the depth of crime, its causes and criminal motivation to address legal and investigative questions.

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Health Administration

The Health Administration major is an applied business degree that prepares students with the theoretical business foundations as well as the practical skills required for careers including health information management directors, business analysts, practices administrators, clinical directors, and health services managers.

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Health & Community Services

Students will be able to work as an important member of a healthcare team to guide patients through a variety of complex systems such a health plan, hospitals and ambulatory care organizations, health and human services, public health programs and medical practice offices.

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Health Sciences

Students will build a broad science literacy and combine it with knowledge of particular threats to human health from environmental, occupational, and life-style factors.

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Human Development
Human Services

Students are provided with an interdisciplinary education focused on the preparation of individuals who seek a career in a wide variety of professional settings in education, human services, social services, and related fields.

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Law and Society

The Law and Society major is an inter-disciplinary program designed for students who are interested in careers in law, law enforcement, government, public service and/or who want to go on to law school, graduate school in political science, or graduate school in sociology to become full-fledged members of these professions.

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The goal of the nursing program is to provide a high-quality education that includes the knowledge and skills required for entry-level registered nurse practice or a broader understanding of professional nursing practice and the foundation for graduate study in nursing.

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Paramedic Science

This program prepares students for state and national credentials as a paramedic and helps to build awareness and understanding of the role of the paramedic in medical and emergency services.

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The curriculum includes introductions to the basic concepts utilized in psychology, the evolution of the field, theories of normal and abnormal psychological development, experimental psychology, and an internship in a community setting.

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Social Work

The Social Work program prepares students for generalist practice and utilizes a holistic approach and person-in-environment framework that simultaneously focuses on strategies and guidelines for ethical practice, advocacy skills, and respect for human dignity.

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Sports Management

Beginning a career in sport management can be difficult so you will be provided with practical-teaching, internship opportunities, mentoring, and other customized learning opportunities. The result is a comprehensive degree program that produces everything you need to get started in the sports industry.

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