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At Anna Maria College, we define ourselves by offering quality academic programs, top-notch career preparation, and a mission-driven campus environment. Most of all, we are defined by our people – a diverse community of faculty, students, and staff who value educational innovation and servant leadership.

The value of an Anna Maria education

The driving force behind everything that makes Anna Maria College’s identity unique is our deep, abiding belief that, through our actions, we can achieve “Something Greater.”

Because of this enduring value, Anna Maria students are always striving to acquire more knowledge and skills, and to use what they’ve learned to deepen their understanding of their professions, themselves, and the world. We cultivate faith, citizenship, and social responsibility in our students, and our faculty emphasizes connecting knowledge and skills by expanding on immersive and applied learning opportunities. By the time they graduate, our students are prepared to be professionals ready to take bold action in the world and lead by serving.

Something Greater reflects our view of our place in the world and our desire to be part of something greater than ourselves. It conveys our belief in the intrinsic goodness and potential greatness of every person, and helps us come together as we’re motivated by the powerful impulse to serve others and discover new horizons of learning, growth, and achievement.

Something Greater is a touchstone that captures and inspires how we teach and learn at Anna Maria, guiding us as we:

• Engage with others
• Live with faith and moral character
• Work together to create innovative solutions to even the toughest problems
• Contribute to the goodness and beauty of our communities
• Discern the greatness God intends for each of us


Wherever you go on our campus, you’re almost guaranteed to run into someone you know. For most of our students our campus feels like home, and we take that kind of responsibility very seriously.


Your professors will know much more than your name. They will know your goals and how you intend to reach them. And they will be there to support you at every step, even well after you’ve graduated and are on your way.


Our programs are specifically designed to provide you with strong practical skills and connect you to professional opportunities. We want to make sure you graduate from our programs knowing where you want to go and that you possess the skills and confidence to get there.

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