Anna Maria College is test optional for all students except those who are homeschooled and those applying for the nursing program. Applicants may elect to have their test scores reviewed with their application. Not submitting their scores will not negatively impact the student’s application. Applicants may submit self-reported test scores for use during the admission process. Self-reported scores can come directly from the Common Application or a student can send us a scanned PDF copy of their student score report. We will not accept self-reported scores in an email from the student unless the email includes the students’ score report as indicated above. Anna Maria College will accept self-reported SAT and ACT scores on applications for admission in any one of the following ways:

Please be sure to capture your first and last name on the screen shot and PDF. Uploads that do not display an applicant's full name will not be accepted.
Should there be a discrepancy in self-reported scores versus official scores, Anna Maria College reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does it mean to be a "test-optional" institution?
The test-optional policy at Anna Maria College allows applicants the option to either submit or not submit their SAT or ACT scores for the purpose of the admission process. We believe students should present the fullest picture of their academic and intellectual accomplishments when applying for admission to Anna Maria College. If a student believes his/her standardized test scores will be valuable supporting information during the review process then the results might be submitted. Students who feel their high school record alone is a better indicator of their academic achievement and ability may choose to exclude their test scores from their application without penalty. Typically, about 60% of applicants still choose to submit their test scores to test-optional institutions.
Why choose to go test-optional?
For several years, Anna Maria College considered eliminating the submission of SAT or ACT scores as part of the admission application process. During this time, the College carefully monitored changes in testing policies in the marketplace as well as research related to the best predictors of student success. Research has confirmed that the combination of the strength of a student's high school curriculum and grades are the strongest predictors of academic success in college. Our test-optional policy has reinforced the College's commitment to understanding a student's overall academic experience as demonstrated through the high school transcript, as opposed to performance on a single test or combination of tests. The test-optional policy encourages all students who have achieved success in high school to strongly consider Anna Maria College, regardless of their standardized test scores.
If I choose not to submit test scores, how is my candidacy for admission evaluated?
The evaluation of prospective students considers a range of factors that reflect an individual's academic record. Carefully examined are the strength of the high school, the rigor of the curriculum, grades, teacher and counselor recommendations and extracurricular activities. Additionally, you have the opportunity to present your academic and personal achievements through written short answer and essay questions found in the application of through in admissions interview with a member of the admissions staff.
Does Anna Maria require anything in lieu of test scores?
There is no supplemental component in lieu of test scores. Your academic and co-curricular achievements are highlighted and examined during the application process. You are free to submit any additional information that reflects positively on your candidacy.
Am I eligible for scholarships without submitting standardized test scores?
Yes, all applicants are considered for all merit scholarships whether or not test scores are submitted.
How do I know whether or not to submit test scores?
The application process is designed for students to show our admissions staff why enrollment at Anna Maria College would make a great academic and personal fit. If you feel confident that your test scores accurately display your abilities and work ethic in the classroom, the scores could strengthen your application. However, if your test scores are not a good indicator of your academic achievement throughout high school, they are not required to be submitted.
How do I indicate whether or not I want my test scores to be considered for admission?
You can indicate your intentions on the Anna Maria College member page of the Common Application.
Prospective Nursing Majors
All Freshman Students entering Nursing should meet the following admission criteria (refer to the Nursing Admission and Transfer Policies for more information):
Secondary school program of study should include:
  • 4 years of college preparatory English
  • Mathematics – Algebra I, II, and Geometry as a recommended minimum. Students in IB programs can include Standard Level or Higher Level Mathematics.
  • 2 years of science with a lab required; Biology and Chemistry recommended. (International students must have three to four consecutive years of study in mathematics and science)
  • 2-3 years of social studies/humanities.
  • 2 years of a foreign language (preferred)
Beginning in the Fall of 2019, all freshman must submit either the SAT, the ACT, or the TEAS exam. Students who have an ACT Composite score below 19 or a SAT score below 990 (minimum Reading 500 and minimum Math 490) must take and score proficient or higher on the TEAS exam. International Students will need to submit either the TOEFL or IELTS test results.

Students that Apply for Admission into the Nursing Program and are granted admission into the Health Science program or other academic programs, will need to meet the admission criteria for internal transfer nursing students outlined in the Internal Nursing Guidelines.