Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)


Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) What is the TEAS test?
The TEAS test is a four-part, web-based, supervised assessment that includes subtests in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English language usage.

Do I need to take the TEAS test?
Anna Maria College has made the TEAS test one of the standardized test options for students for admission into the nursing program. The TEAS exam may be taken in lieu of the SAT or ACT. This requirement applies to all Anna Maria College nursing applicants for direct (freshman) admission, internal transfer admission, or external transfer applicants.  Students taking the TEAS exam must achieve an overall score of Proficient or higher (minimum of 58.7% overall score) on the ATI Version – Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®). Only two attempts within a 1-year timeframe to achieve the minimum benchmark score will be allowed; this includes any TEAS exam taken at other location. Students that have taken the SAT since March 2016 are required to achieve a minimum SAT score of 500 on the Evidence Based Reading section and 490 on the Math section of the SAT for direct entry in the Anna Maria College nursing program. Minimum test scores for students that have taken the SAT test prior to March 2016 are 450 Reading, 450 Math, 450 Writing. The minimum ACT score for direct admission into the nursing program is a composite score of 19. Freshman and external transfer applicants who do not achieve minimum SAT or ACT scores may be offered admission into the college while they complete additional course work to better prepare for the program and the required testing.  If you pursue this option you will be required to complete the internal transfer requirements to gain admission at the end of your first year of class work.  


When should I take the TEAS?
Anna Maria College recommends that nursing applicants take the TEAS test after preparing for the exam through a strong college prep curriculum or a TEAS workshop. For most high school students, taking the test in November of their senior year will provide at least one other test date if they are not successful in the first attempt and will also leave an applicant time to complete all other nursing requirements.


Where should I take the TEAS?
Anna Maria College is offering the test in 2019 and 2020 on a space available basis by request. Please contact Dennis Vanasse to schedule a time to complete the exam on the Anna Maria College campus.  Dennis can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (508) 849-3372. Students must have an admission application for nursing on file with the college before taking the test.  Please use this link to register for the test.  You will be directed to create an account.  You can then choose “Register for TEAS.”  Once, this is completed you will then select:  TEAS for Nursing Students, country, city (Paxton), and state.  The Anna Maria College test date sessions will appear.  It is not required for students to take the test at Anna Maria College; other locations can be used as available. Test locations in Massachusetts can be found in Boston, Brockton, Charlestown, Danvers, Fall River, Gardner, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Marlboro, Plymouth, Quincy, Salem, Springfield, and Worcester. There is a fee to send the TEAS score to Anna Maria College (estimated to be $27.00).


Test expiration information
Applicants to the nursing program requiring the TEAS must achieve the required scores within two attempts of taking the TEAS test AND within 5 years of application to a Healthcare program. 


Test Preparation

  • The Math subtest covers whole numbers, metric conversion, fractions and decimals, algebraic equations, percentages and ratio/proportion.
  • The Reading portion covers paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions.
  • The English subtest measures knowledge of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, contextual words, and spelling.
  • The Science portion of the exam covers science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, human body science, basic physical principals, and general science.
  • Review classes are offered for the separate sections of the test at a number of different community colleges. In the Worcester, Massachusetts area, Quinsigamond Community College offers preparation sections.  ATI provides an on-line practice test and a study manual for students for a fee. You may access this information at ATI Testing.  A study Guide is available for the TEAS test at the Anna Maria College bookstore. (Version ATI TEST of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Study Manual). 
  • It is strongly suggested that an applicant wait 45 days between TEAS exams. The TEAS test is administered at Anna Maria College (fee required) and is restricted to applicants for the nursing program at Anna Maria College. Information about the test content and resources to prepare for the exam can be found at https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx. A study guide is available in the College bookstores.


On the Day of the Test

  • Students must bring a valid picture ID to be admitted into the testing site. Students will not be allowed to take the test without photo identification.
  • Please arrive at testing site 15 minutes before the starting time.  Late applicants will not be permitted to enter once the test has started.
  • Students will receive their test results prior to leaving the testing site. Test results can only be interpreted in consultation with your advisors. TEAS proctors cannot interpret your test results.
  • Calculators are not permitted at the testing site or during the test.
  • Pencils and scrap paper will be provided and collected when the test is completed.
  • Cell phones, iPods, pagers, other electronic devices, books, notes, or study guides are prohibited from use during the test session. Any test taker found using any of the above during the test session will be asked to leave the testing site immediately.
  • Test dates/times are subject to change.
  • Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Seats are limited.
  • An admissions staff member will be available after each test session on the Anna Maria campus to answer questions about nursing admissions.