Student Spotlight

Leading the Way

Jake Kardash ‘13

Student Government Association, Vice President of Business Affairs

Major: Fire-based EMS Management

Hometown: Stillwater, N.Y.

In this world, we often misunderstand what leadership is. Leadership is something that cannot be taught. It cannot be taught in a classroom, on the football field, or in your favorite campus organization. A leader has a certain aura. You know when one walks through the door. The utter presence of this person can change the environment of the room.

Leadership often goes hand in hand with education, experience, and responsibility. A good leader must be well-rounded and perform under the “fight or flight” response, rise to the challenge, and sometimes stand aside if need be. When in a leadership role, an individual must know when to fight for the good of his/her followers and also know when to retreat. Leadership is not a selfish quality.

Anna Maria College offers endless opportunities for leadership growth. With a student to faculty ratio of 14:1, AMC students are given exceptional opportunities to excel in the classroom. The College also offers seventeen Division III athletic teams, numerous clubs and organizations, and hundreds of job opportunities so students have many diverse avenues to hone their leadership skills. In addition, AMC exposes students to many different views and provides students with a broad core of classes to better inform their worldview.

As a self-designed major, combining Paramedicine and Fire Science, Anna Maria College has presented me with life changing experiences. I was selected to join the Paxton Fire Department as a paid-on-call firefighter, completed a 240-hour internship with Spencer E.M.S. as an E.M.T., and traveled to Simplex Grinnell, FM Global, Globe and Tyco Research and Development. Anna Maria College has provided me with the academic and practical opportunities to thrive and become a leader of tomorrow.