Homeschooled Student  Admission Requirements 

Homeschooled applicants are welcome at Anna Maria College. The following are required for a completed application:

1. Completed Application and Processing Fee

    All students must submit an

2. An official document describing the curriculum that the applicant has followed along with a performance assessment in each subject area. If such a document cannt be provided, a high school equivalency diploma (GED) may be submitted in its place.

3. A Personal Essay on Any Topic of Your Choice 

4. A Letter of Recommendation from a Counselor or Teacher

5. Standardized Test Scores (SAT or ACT scores are optional for all students except for those majoring in Paramedic Science.) Our CEEB code is 3005. 

Special Requirements for Music and Art Students

In addition to acceptance to Anna Maria College, Music and Art students must be accepted into their chosen program by completing a music audition or art portfolio review. Please contact Gia Coleman at (508) 849-3450 or for further information or to schedule your audition or portfolio review.


Anna Maria College adheres to a rolling admission policy. There is no absolute deadline. Applications are reviewed throughout the year. However, interested students are strongly encouraged to complete their application by March of their senior year if applying for fall admission or by April if applying as a transfer student. This is particularly important for those who intend to apply for financial aid as there are firm deadlines for certain types of assistance. If applying for admission to the spring semester, all students are encouraged to complete their applications at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester.


Advanced Standing/Placement

Students may be granted advanced standing for credits earned in a variety of ways beyond those earned at other accredited postsecondary institutions.                                                

          Advanced Placement: Students who have taken an Advanced Placement course or courses in high school and earned a grade of 3 or better on the examination may apply for college credit. The number of credits will be determined by the specific course(s). The submission of official test scores is the responsibility of the student. The College will evaluate and notify the student of credit granted once scores are received. Refer to for further information about Advanced Placement

          CLEP (College Level Examination Program): CLEP is a national examination program that measures knowledge learned in specific subject areas through life and/or work experiences. A minimum score of 50 is required. Credit will be granted upon receipt of an official score report. Refer to for further information about CLEP.

Secondary School Preparation

In reviewing applicants for admission, the secondary school record is typically the most important credential in the evaluation. AMC recommends a traditional college preparatory program of study as the most appropriate preparation for admission.

 Suggested Program of Study:

4 years of English

3 years of Mathematics (Algebra I,II and Geometry)
2 years of social sciences
2 years of a foreign language
2 years of a laboratory science (Chemistry is required of all nursing candidates)
3 electives