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Transfer Students

Transfer students constitute a large and valuable component of the Anna Maria College community. Due to their educational, career, and geographic backgrounds, transfer students add a welcome diversity to the undergraduate population. Anna Maria accepts a large number of transfer students each semester.

1. Completed Application and Processing Fee
All students must submit an application
2. Academic Record
All transfer students must submit a final high school transcript. If students have completed ten or fewer college level courses, the high school record becomes an important part of the process. Transfer students must also submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended including courses currently in progress. The more college courses the student has completed, the greater the emphasis given to their college credentials.

3. College Official's Report
Each applicant for transfer admission to Anna Maria College must submit the College Official's Report to the Dean of Students or other appropriate official at the college or university of current attendance. Please note that this form is NOT an academic reference and must be given to the college official charged with maintenance of disciplinary records. An applicant not currently enrolled should have this form completed by the appropriate official at the college or university last attended.

Click here to download the form.

4. Transfer Credits (Undergraduate Day)
Anna Maria College accepts transfer credits received from fully accredited colleges and universities. AMC will accept up to 75 transfer credits,and students must complete a minimum of 45 credits at Anna Maria College or within the Worcester Consortium of Colleges in order to earn a degree from AMC.

Anna Maria College generally grants transfer credit for courses taken at other colleges or universities that correspond to or are comparable with those offered at Anna Maria. Students must receive a grade of C- or better to receive transfer credit. The final decision regarding credits acceptable for transfer to Anna Maria College is made by the appropriate Academic Department. 

If you are accepted to Anna Maria College as a transfer student, you may request a preliminary transfer credit evaluation. Otherwise, you will be notified of your official transfer credits when you arrive on campus for new student orientation and meet with your academic advisor. 
Class standing is determined based on the number of transfer credits awarded according to the following breakdown:

0-30 credits = first-year standing
31-60 credits = sophomore standing
61-90 credits = junior standing
91-120 credits = senior standing

(Page 10 Undergraduate 201012 catalog printed version)

Acceptance Reactivation for Transfers
Anna Maria College accepts transfer applications from students who have previously applied to the college and were accepted. You may reactivate your acceptance if you applied and were accepted within the last two years.

How do I reactive my acceptance?
Please send an official note or email to the admission office ( stating that you would like to reactivate your acceptance and specify which semester you would now like to begin.

You will then need to submit the following information:

 1. Official college transcripts from all colleges attended

 2. Official final high school transcript (including your final senior grades and date of graduation) if you have not done so previously

 3. A personal statement explaining why you would like to transfer to Anna Maria College. 

Your Acceptance Status will be pending the receipt of the above documents and the satisfactory completion of college coursework to this point.