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AMC Alumni Association
The Anna Maria College Alumni Association represents and serves a network of more than 15,000 alumni worldwide, and reflects an active and powerful community that generates positive outcomes for the college.
The Association serves as a gateway for students and alumni to build relationships with each other and the college. Through the support of campus traditions, regional programming, awards and scholarships, professional/career development programs, and volunteer opportunities, the Alumni Association creates an engaging environment that enriches the student and alumni experience.
All Anna Maria graduates are members of the Alumni Association and have access to a host of benefits and year-round programs and services. The Association is led by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors oversees the Alumni Association’s efforts to engage, advance, and support Anna Maria and its alumni and students through a variety of programs and services, scholarships and awards, and volunteer opportunities 
The Board (pictured) welcomes your input about how we can better serve you, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at or call (508) 849-3342.
2015-16 Alumni Association Board of Directors     
Executive Committee
President Vice President Vice President Secretary Immediate Past President
Jeffrey Raymond '03
Amy McCarthy ’02G
Melissa Johnson ’07, '15G
David Armstrong '99, '01G
General Members
Ursula Arello '98G Brooke (Denver) Brigham '13, '14G Michael Gerry '86G Richard Radesky '98G
Christine (Maglioro) Baril '89  Vincent Buffone '11
Cheryl (Dupont) Izyk '72 Kathleen Rowe '92
Michelle (Randall) Berry '91 Victor Champagne '86G  Dean Kockanowski '11
John Shea '90G
Clementine Bihiga '14G Shawn Conway '85 Alice Lambert '87 George Sherrill '97G
Kelly Blake '14  Matthew Denham '14
William Lane '02 Daniel Totten '93, '97G

Eric Boll '14

Kerri Earle '18* Roberta (McCarty) O'Brien '57 Lizette Zajko '12
  Alexandra Paul '17*
* Student representative