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Helping to make today's AMCAT athletes tomorrow's leaders


The AMCAT Fund provides resources to our student-athletes, each gifts gives a positive and lasting impact on their ability to succeed and become leaders. 


Gifts to the AMCAT Fund honor the rich tradition of academic and athletic excellence of Anna Maria College and shows a commitment to providing resources to our student-athletes. The fund provides invaluable support for all student-athletes, with each gift having a positive and lasting impact on their ability to succeed in the classroom, in competition, and in the community. Anna Maria is committed to fully funding a comprehensive and diverse athletics program that provides opportunities for student-athletes to develop as individuals and leaders.


 Support and Impact

A contribution to the AMCAT Fund is an investment in the betterment of all Anna Maria College student-athletes. By helping to offset any number of costs associated with expanded opportunities to compete at the local, regional, and national Division III level, your gift makes an immediate and direct impact. Your gift will help to build on the already exceptional foundation for success at the Division III level that Anna Maria is recognized for, while providing funds for student-athletes above and beyond what Anna Maria College already provides, including expanded opportunities for participation, enhanced out-of-region travel, national recruiting, and championship competition.. Every gift to the AMCAT Fund makes a difference to the more than 300 student-athletes who compete in 13 varsity sports, while invigorating our campus community and positioning Anna Maria as a competitive institution in the region.

This sample chart shows the direct impact you can have on a student-athlete and a team:


 $50  Bring one additional volleyball player to an away match
 $100  Provides warm-ups for one tennis or cross country player
 $250  Purchases airfare for one softball player to compete during spring break
 $500  Provides a team bus for post-season competition
 $1,000  Supports a team meal for the football team on the road
 $2,500  Purchases new uniforms for the field hockey team
 $5,000  Purchases airfare for the baseball team to compete during spring break
 $10,000  Purchases video equipment and software for practices and games
 $25,000  Establishes an endowment for a team that provides yearly support


Support a Specific Team

Gifts to specific teams are welcomed. These gifts will be used to fund the highest priority for the team, as identified by the coach and director of athletics. Twenty percent of each gift to a specific team will be designated as general athletics support. No single team competes in a vacuum; fields, medical and sports information staff, graduate assistants, training facilities, and more are shared by teams. Directing 20 percent to general athletics support from each gift made to a specific team allows enhancement of the total student-athlete experience.