2019 Anna Maria College Scholarship Reception

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2019 Anna Maria College Scholarship Reception

By Maureen Halley


The College welcomed 87 members of its community on November 17th to participate in the annual Scholarship Award Reception. Guests included scholarship donors, student recipients along with their family and friends, and members of the leadership of Anna Maria College.

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After lunch had concluded, President Mary Lou Retelle delivered the welcome address and thanked all those in attendance for the role that they play in effecting positive change in the world. She was followed by Suzanne Chapdelaine Kelly, a member of the class of 1959 and a former Trustee, who spoke about her personal relationship with the College and her perspective as a donor. The third speaker was Maugline Laurent, a current student and scholarship recipient who shared a bit about her experiences at Anna Maria and how the generosity of scholarship donors have made that possible.


Anna Maria offers 20 named scholarships as a result of our donors, and these were presented during the program to 65 students demonstrating high academic achievement.


2019 - 2020 Scholarships

  • George I. Alden Trust Scholarship
  • Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Anthony Arthur Scholarship
  • Bibbey Family Scholarship
  • Molly Bish Scholarship
  • Dorilla T. Brûlé Scholarship
  • Mary Anne Callebaut Scholarship
  • Sr. M. John of Carmel Scholarship
  • Jean ’64 and Bernard Cooney Scholarship
  • Jacqueline Sequin Dumas Scholarship
  • George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation Scholarship
  • Honorable Francis J. Larkin Scholarship
  • Archibald R. Lemieux Scholarship
  • W. H. Lee Milk Co. Scholarship
  • Mary Mourin Memorial Scholarship
  • Marcelle Quintal Arthur Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Joseph & Jaqueline Sharry & Barbara Gallo Lyman Endowed Scholarship
  • Silverman Scholarship/AMC Scholars
  • Janet C. Simonds Scholarship
  • George Socquet Scholarship
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