2019 Athletic Awards Winners

2019 Awards Night Winners

The Annual Athletic Awards Night recognizes student athletes for a variety of contributions including academics, sportsmanship, leadership, dedication, perseverance, and performance. This year’s ceremony was held on May 1, 2019 in the Zecco Performing Arts Center. A photo album is available for your viewing here.


Leadership/MVP Awards

Sport   Leadership   MVP
Women’s Basketball   Shannon Hofmiller   Sierra Johnson
Equestrian   Gina Houghton   Ella Smith
Field Hockey   Sarah Coley   Chayna Bingham-Hendricks
Women’s Ice Hockey   Niamh Cote   Julianne Nelson
Women’s Lacrosse   Bryce McDonald   Emma Walsh
Women’s Soccer   Courtney Hile   Shannon LeBlanc
Softball   Victoria Falco   Sabrina Carreira
Volleyball   Abby Chapdelaine   Sarah Lathrop
Men’s Basketball   Chris Contento   Mike Rapoza
Baseball   Jake Crevier   Kosta Drosidis
Football   Paul Robitaille   Kai Nero-Clark
Men’s Ice Hockey   Pat Manning   Jack Sitzman
Men’s Lacrosse   Michael Lopez   Brandon Pavoni
Men’s Soccer   Ryan Todesco   Jeffre Donahue


Four Year Commitment Award

Sarah Lathrop

Sarah Coley

Danielle Huston

Ashley Reyes

Dan McElhinney

Mark Robinshaw

Bailey Braga

Paul Robitaille

Dan Stout

James Wieliczko

Kai Nero-Clark

Chris Contento

Shannon Hofmiller

Victoria Falco

Kayla Magierowski

Sabrina Carreira

Ryan Rockwal

Nicholas Estey

Paul Schwarz

Kai Nero-Clark


SAAC Award

Danielle Huston


Sister Rollande Quintal Award

Anil Desai and Robert “Beau” Sharry


Team GPA Award

Men’s Ice Hockey


Female Senior Scholar Athlete Award

Danielle Huston


Male Senior Scholar Athlete Award

Mike Rapoza


Nancy Naroian Award

Shannon LeBlanc


Ray LeBoeuf, Jr. Sportsmanship Award

Abby Chapdelaine and Sabrina Carriera


Breakthrough Athlete of the Year

Chayna Bingham-Hendricks and Bobby Perette


Female First Year Athlete of the Year

Amber Wilson


Male First Year Athlete of the Year

Eric Glover


Stephen C. Washkevich Award

Mike Rapoza and Julianne Nelson


Len Smith Award

Bailey Braga and Johanna Burke


Female Senior Award

Kayla Magierowski and Victoria Falco


Male Senior Award

Kai Nero-Clark and Paul Schwarz


Male Athlete of the Year

Brandon Pavoni and Kosta Drosidis


Female Athlete of the Year

Ella Smith

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