Congratulations to Alyssa Banks ’21, a Mechanics Hall Collegiate Apprentice Award Recipient

 Alyssa Banks


Recognized for her demonstrated leadership skills, creative and innovative ways of approaching the world, excellence in academics, and her willingness to become involved in the community, Alyssa Banks was one of the recipients of the Mechanics Hall Collegiate Apprentice Award. The ceremony honoring students from Worcester area colleges was held on October 5, 2019.


An honors student in the Nursing Program, Alyssa plans to work in the pediatric oncology department at a children’s hospital. Working with children with terminal illnesses is nothing new to Alyssa. As the director of the Campus Princess Program, she organizes visits and actively recruits other students to dress as princesses and superheroes to bring magic to children in hospitals.


About the Award

The Mechanics Hall Collegiate Apprentice Award is a natural extension of celebrating student excellence emerging from the vision and achievements of our community of higher education, characteristics that have been important to the Worcester County Mechanics Association since its founding in 1842.

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