Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a crime investigation? 


At TMHS, a course in forensics is offered, taught by Mr. Edge. He is a loved teacher among many students and may just show you another option for what you may want to do in life. Recently, I visited my older sister at Anna Maria College and she told me how and why she wanted to get into forensics.

 Right now, she is a junior in college and is part of NHS for her major in forensics criminology and currently studying for a minor in victimology, as well. Some people are just not that interested enough in basic courses, such as english, history, or math to want to take it beyond high school. If you are one of those students, remember to find something that you love in order to pursue your dream job, no matter how gruesome or weird it may be.


For as long as junior year in high school, forensic science has interested my sister. Forensic scientists aid investigators by collecting and analyzing data found at crime scenes. In high school, she picked this class just out of pure curiosity and as a filler because she had an extra spot open to fill in her schedule. As the year progressed, she began to realize that she was absolutely in love with the subject. Soon, she began to visit colleges that offered courses in forensics, such as Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA. My family and I toured the small college, surprised at how tiny the classes and dorms were. After a long discussion with my parents, my sister decided that this is where she would go.


Anna Maria is a small, private college located around multiple farms in Paxton. It may not seem like a lot, but the programs and opportunities offered to their students make up for its lack of size. If you are looking to pursue a similar subject as my sister, many chief and police and renowned investigators attended and graduated from Anna Maria. The forensics criminology program is constantly growing with new opportunities to take in order to make the most of your college experience. Professors are also there to help because of the small amount of children in each class. These small classes help students get ready for a job in the real world while also offering internship opportunities outside of the classroom.

You may be wondering what exactly goes on in the classroom to prepare students for their real life jobs. So far my sister has taken many courses, including classes on child abuse, social work, crime scene forensics, anatomy and physiology, psychology, leadership, and policing methods. In crime scene forensics, a fake crime scene is set up and the students must investigate it. In the science building at the school, many tubs can be found filled with body parts from different crime scenes ready to investigate. My sister often times comes home with new stories of who’s brain she got to dissect today. Another fun subject she is learning is police methods. They train like real police officers and learn how to shoot guns safely. One day, my sister called me and told me about how she had been pepper sprayed in class in order to prepare them.


Though I know that this subject is not for me, it’s nice to learn about other career options. It just goes to show that not everyone has to be an english or math major; you could go more in depth with what you would like to do. Maybe you could pursue a career in forensics and investigate crime scenes. Whatever interests you, no matter how weird or gruesome, should be pursued to your greatest extent in order to achieve your dreams. Remember, if you need a filler class for your schedule and pick a random class, you may just find the subject of your dreams.


Written by Caitlin Wahl posted in the Tewksbury Tribune