From Classroom to Kitchen Table

Learning from home


From Classroom to Kitchen Table


The coronavirus pandemic is forcing all of us to grapple with profound changes in the way we live. The closing of public schools across Massachusetts and the nation has created a host of challenges that a number of us are currently facing. In an effort to help, particularly for people with younger school aged children, the Faculty of Anna Maria College’s Education programs have compiled some valuable information available online that might prove useful for anyone who finds themselves in the unexpected position of homeschooling their children. The PBS Learning Media link has the advantage of offering materials that are aligned to the Massachusetts Department of Education Standards, which will hopefully allow for an easy transition and provide some welcome continuity.

This link includes a list and description of many virtual learning opportunities for K-12 students.


About Anna Maria College

Located just outside of Worcester in Paxton, MA, Anna Maria College is a private, co-educational institution inspired by the ideals of the Sisters of Saint Anne. We prepare students to become ethical leaders by combining a values-based, service-focused education with strong functional knowledge and the skills necessary to address the rapidly changing needs of their world. Anna Maria delivers undergraduate and graduate degrees along with certificate programs on campus and online. For more information, visit To learn how Anna Maria is protecting the community against the spread of coronavirus, visit the COVID-19 update page.

From the President - March 27th Update
Coping with Pandemics in the Middle Ages

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