Postmortem Reflections on Bulger’s Buried Legacy

web Mires

Anna Maria College presents “Postmortem Reflections on Bulger’s Buried Legacy” with Dr. Ann Marie Mires on Thursday, March 21 from 4:30 to 6:30pm in the Zecco Performing Arts Center. In 2000, Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Mires was contacted by the Massachusetts State Police to help uncover a multiple burial pit containing the re-interred remains of three of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s victims dating back to 1984. This excavation was the first of three subsequent digs that revealed Bulger’s buried legacy of six murder victims dating to that time period. During this talk, Dr. Ann Marie Mires will share her experiences of the excavations, analyses and courtroom testimony on these six cases which provided the forensic evidence to successfully prosecute Bulger in the 2013 trial. As an anthropologist, Mires will also reflect on the high profile nature of these cases, the political dynamic during the excavations and Bulger’s impact on the victims, families and Boston community. Bulger’s death in 2018 brought an end to his life, but not the indelible impact he had on victims and survivors. This event is hosted by the Anna Maria College Molly Bish Center for the Protection of Children and the Elderly, and the Law, Justice and Society club.

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