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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives around the globe. The evolution of the disease and the reach of its impact is still unknown, but it has been proven that the education you are receiving at Anna Maria is preparing you to make a difference as ethical leaders and community-oriented professionals. The world is in need of your strength, compassion, and skills more now than ever before. The Sisters from our Founding Order have begun sending notes of encouragement for you as you study remotely. They are also keeping you in their prayers. Please check back periodically as new notes are posted.


May we grow back

Today, we live an unusual world wide experience. With the entire Anna Maria College family, I join in prayer and carry you in thought as you await new beginnings and the continuing realization of your educational and personal goals.

A proud Sister of St. Anne and Anna Maria College Graduate


Perhaps we haven’t met but our footsteps have marked the Anna Maria College pathways.

Our days perhaps have not intertwined but our hopes, plans and realities continue to find life at Anna Maria College.

Whatever the season of our individual lives, we find roots in our Anna Maria College experiences.

In the spirit of Blessed Marie Anne Blondin, foundress of the Sisters of St. Anne, we touch the founding dreams of those Sisters who built Anna Maria College.


Hello students of Anna Maria College.
My name is Sister Pauline Marcotte, a Sister of Saint Anne. I spent forty years as a missionary in Haiti, teaching students at the Secretarial School in Port au Prince. I am now retired and living in Marlborough.

I would like to share with you a song that my younger sister composed on March 31st in the midst of the pandemic. She titled it THE CORONA SONG. Unfortunately, I don't have the music to share with you. Hopefully you will find the words inspiring as I did.

Refrain: Wait for the Lord (3X) and be strong
Believe and Trust in Him
Believe and Depend on Him
Believe, Pray, and Look on Him
Wait for the Lord and be strong

I am thinking of you and praying for you.
Sister Pauline Marcotte, Alumna of Anna Maria College


April May


Dear Students,

As a graduate of the Class of ’57, I look back at the most important lesson I learned through the years—that what seemed like a “catastrophic” incident at the time turned out to be, in God’s plans, the very best thing for my life.

Two salient incidents impacted my dreams and desires and set my life in a totally different direction each time.

The first painful incident was the reason I gave up my 4-year scholarship at Anna Maria after my freshman year to enter the community of the Sisters of St. Anne.

The second heartbreaking incident many years later, hastened the end of my official teaching career after which a serendipitous meeting opened the door for my taking a Clinical Pastoral Education unit, on-the-job training for chaplaincy in a hospital.

I was often asked which I preferred: teaching or chaplaincy. My answer was always, “I absolutely loved teaching and I absolutely love chaplaincy” because, in both cases, I knew I was doing God’s will for me in those ministries.

So, my “words of wisdom” to each of you today are—what could seem as a huge setback to your plans and desires, the position you thought you had, the promotion that went to someone else…could turn out to be a blessing in disguise as you look back on your life in later years.

Please count on my prayers for you!
Sr. Annette Bibeau, SSA ‘57


learn from


Some thoughts from Teilhard de Chardin on Easter Sunday, the morning of his death:
“O Risen Christ, grant me the grace to be ever young for God’s greater glory, young, ie: optimistic, active, smiling; perceptive.”

Sister Michèle Jacques

 happy week


My name is Sister Connie and I’m a Sister of St. Anne. I’m sending this note today to touch base with you as you continue your Anna Maria College courses online. There have been so many consequences of the coronavirus and your online courses are just one of these consequences.

I do hope and pray that you are coping as well as can be expected. I’m sure that you are missing the college “action”. It’s surely difficult to stay six feet apart from everyone during this trying time. I know that I’m finding it hard! However, please do listen to and observe all directives given as this pandemic invades our lives.

As you hope for the ending to this crisis, I’m sure you’re staying in touch with your friends. Social media is everyone’s friend at this time! However, please do find some time to bring this crisis to prayer as we all hope to get back to a “semblance of normalcy”. I’m keeping you and the Anna Maria community in my prayers.

Sr. Connie


Sister Paulette artwork


Dear Anna Maria College Students,

My college years were many moons ago. There is no way any of us could have carried on our course work without real time classes. Internet was not developed and portable phones were not even a thought for that matter. You are living in an amazing time. Many things you have always done can no longer be done the usual way. You cannot go to your school, but you can still go to class! It has to be hard to do courses on line. I am sure there must be frustration but I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Really, I find it awesome that you have the courage, energy, patience, and perseverance to do this work. So, I want to congratulate you on what you are doing in a time of such uncertainty. Be assured of my prayers for your success.

A Sister of Saint Anne


Native American Quote

“Everything on earth has a purpose,
Every disease an herb to cure it
And every person a mission.”

This is a Native American theory of existence.

(Salish wisdom)

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