Video photographic arts

Video and Photographic Arts

Video and Photographic Arts is an expansive discipline which combines both the study of photography and videography as the basis of narrative communication. Both still and moving images are essential to our visual vocabulary in our media infused world, which includes digital, web, and print. Students are expected to learn the foundations of formal, aesthetic, and analytical skills, exploring the creative and technical aspects of narration and storytelling. Through theoretical and practical coursework, the program encourages the investigation of visual narrative producing evocative and innovative works in both Photography and Video. The program prepares students to be visual narrative content producers, storytellers, documentarians, and film/video artists, as well as for graduate study in Media Arts, Film/Video, and Photographic Arts.

 Anna Maria College video photographic arts major

Upon completion of a BA in Video and Photographic Arts, students will: 

  • Demonstrate functional competence with technical skills, perceptual development, and understanding of principles of visual organization sufficient to achieve basic visual communication and expression in one or more media.
  • Gain the ability to think, speak, and write clearly and effectively, and to communicate with precision, cogency, and rhetorical force.
  • Understand the common elements and vocabulary of art/design and of the interaction of these elements, and to make workable visual sensitivity connections between concept and media.
  • Be able to understand the historical and cultural context of art and design.
  • The ability to work collaboratively or independently on a variety of art and/or design problems by combining, as appropriate to the issue, their capabilities in studio, analysis, history, and technology.