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Department of Art & Design


The Department of Art & Design provides students with a broad-based liberal arts education infused with the principles of the Catholic intellectual tradition. Inclusive within the vibrant liberal arts education the department offers modern programs focused on specific professional skills in graphic design, studio arts, self-designed program in the arts, and the therapeutic dimensions of art therapy.


There is an emphasis upon an interdisciplinary approach toward the visual arts and design, psychology and the creative arts therapies. In the classroom professors emphasize a broad understanding of the dignity of humankind, the importance of developing compassion, and the need to cultivate the awareness of just and ethical practice.


Essential to all programs is The Studio Model. In a studio course students work in a specifically designed space which creates an open collaborative environment. This Studio Model provides an expansive and expressive atmosphere for learning. The studio environment allows open communication and constructive criticism to enrich and forward art practice. Imperative to the model is the required work outside of designated meeting times. The studio demands the constant process of production-critique-production, seeking feedback from all participants. The faculty teaches, guides, and nurtures the group or cohort. The value of the Studio Model is essential to the development and practice of art.


In the junior and senior years, advanced course work is designed to run concurrently with community field placements to afford students the opportunity to observe and work alongside professionals. Field experiences are integral to all the programs, and each student’s placement in the community is chosen to directly reflect her/his interest and to provide a comprehensive and hands-on, team approach to learning. Students are placed by the college in appropriate settings and supervised by college personnel. The internships/practica are credit- bearing and are available to students in all of the above disciplines. Art Therapy placements range from public and private hospitals, community treatment centers providing therapeutic services to a wide range of clientele. Graphic Design and Art internships provide students with real world experiences.


Additionally, students are encouraged to experience study abroad through programs ranging from summer study in the creative arts, to a spring break in Berlin, Paris or Vienna with our Urban Seminar program. It is important to note that Anna Maria College is a member of The American Art Therapy Association.


New Media Design Program

This program is unique, interdisciplinary, and forward thinking, preparing students to be participants in the current/future zeitgeist. The program includes majors in Digital and Social Media Design, Graphic Design, and Video and Photographic Arts.


All majors, including Art Therapy, Digital Social Media DesignGraphic Design, Video and Photographic ArtsStudio Art, and Self-Designed Program in Art are required to complete the Core Art Requirements, which includes the two-semester capstone experience, which culminates in an exhibition at the end of the year.


Bachelor of Arts in Art with concentrations in the following areas:

  • Art Therapy
  • Digital Social Media Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Photographic Arts
  • Studio Art (Photography, Videography, Painting, Sculpture)
  • Self-Designed Program of Study


Career Options
Upon graduation, Anna Maria College alumni receive support and guidance from their advisors and mentors for job placement. A bachelor’s degree from the Department of Art & Design prepares students for a wide range of graduate study and career options in art therapy, marketing/advertising/social media, creative industries, graphic design, media production, studio artist, or museum/gallery study.

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