Business Administration Minor
Students in any major may minor in Business Administration.  Required Courses

  • BUS 151, 152 Financial Accounting I and II 
  • BUS 260 Principles of Management 
  • BUS 270 Marketing Principles 
  • Two upper-level business administration electives (300 or 400 level) Marketing Communications Minor
    Students in any major may minor in Marketing Communication. Required Courses
  • BUS 270 Marketing Principles
  • BUS 290 Introduction to Marketing Communication  
  • ENG 292 Business Writing in the Digital Age 
  • BUS 314 Social Media Marketing 

Students may choose two electives from the following courses:

  • GRD 240 Graphic Design 
  • MCO 302 Persuasion and the Media
  • BUS 311 Principles of Advertising
  • BUS 441 Marketing Research
  • BUS 450 Marketing Management                              
  • BUS 390 Visual Marketing Small Business Minor

Management areas such as in small business, family business, and franchise require a wide range of skills and provide career opportunities. Managers in these areas face the challenges of meeting payroll, providing health insurance and other benefits, human resource management, changing government regulations in such areas as accounting and taxation, succession issues, and risk management. These challenges and demands have created a need for dedicated, ethical, well-trained professionals with specialized management skills.  The latest technology, as well as real-world business scenarios, will engage the students and prepare the students for success in today’s business world. The Principles of Management course (BUS260) provides a foundation of the basic concepts of management and thus serve as a pre-requisite for the upper-level courses. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the various internship opportunities available that will allow them to blend classroom theory with practical application. Required Courses

  • BUS 385 Small Business Management 
  • BUS 386 Family Business Management
  • Four electives from the following list:
  • BUS 387 Franchise Management
  • BUS 271 Consumer Behavior
  • BUS 285 Social Media and Business 
  • BUS 380 Entrepreneurship
  • BUS 410 Managing and Marketing New Products  Sport Management Minor

Students in any major may minor in Sport Management. Required Courses

  • BUS 223 Sport Marketing
  • BUS 262 Sport Management
  • BUS 301 Sport Ethics
  • Three upper-level (300–400-level) sport electives.