Edith-LaVigneCarrying Out the Tradition of an AMC Education
Edith Mooney LaVigne '63 G

Edith Mooney LaVigne ’63, the youngest of three daughters in the Mooney family, did not envision herself graduating from the same alma mater as her two older sisters.  Edith wanted to carve out her own path and thought that she needed to attend a college other than Anna Maria to do so.  It turned out however that AMC was the right choice for Edith and, despite the fact that her sisters Ann and Peggy had already blazed the trail at Anna Maria Edith was able to become a woman in her own right.

“My sister Ann was six years older than me, so she had already graduated from Anna Maria when I began my freshman year,” shares Edith.   “Peggy was in her senior year so even though the campus was fairly small, I was able to make my own friends and create my own niche.”

All three Mooney sisters commuted from their Holden home except for Peggy’s last semester on campus when both she and Edith lived in the residence hall.  Edith majored in sociology and minored in education at Anna Maria and fondly remembers one of her professors, Mrs. Mary Plunkett. According to Edith, Mrs. Plunkett was “sensible and down to earth. She was very wise and had a great sense of humor,” she adds.

Edith points to something Mrs. Plunkett shared with her students, words of wisdom that no doubt impacted some of her future choices.  “I remember her telling us that whatever group or organization we joined, we should eventually take a position of leadership,” explains Edith.

Edith not only remembered these words, she lived them out later in life when she launched the Friends of the Paxton Library, served as the organization’s president numerous times and remained a trustee for 15 years.

Other hallmarks of an AMC education impacted Edith’s future.  After graduating, she along with four other students joined Extension Lay Volunteers of America in an effort to give back to others.  “The teachings of the Sisters of Saint Anne regarding social justice and working toward the common good really resonated with me,” states Edith.  “I truly value the experience I had working as part of this volunteer organization teaching fifth graders in Oklahoma. I came to admire the people, who may have been short on material things but rich and full on values and an appreciation for life.”

After fulfilling her one-year commitment to Extension Lay Volunteers of America, Edith returned to the Holden area and taught at the Jefferson School in Holden.  In 1965, she married her husband of 45 years, Tom LaVigne and dedicated the rest of her life to raising four children.  Today, Edith resides on the Cape with Tom and enjoys spending time with her now eight grandchildren. 

Edith also continues to enjoy giving back and taking leadership roles in the community.  Both she and her husband are involved with Cape Cod Hospital, and Edith has once again signed on as a Trustee at Anna Maria College, having served in this capacity from 2001-2007.  “I am excited to be able to be involved with my alma mater during a time of great change,” she shares.  “I am very pleased that College is aspiring to academic excellence and working hard to re-establish AMC as a leader in quality, Catholic education.  Anna Maria was very good for me.  I would definitely recommend it to others.”