megan sara 00003Twin Talents
Megan and Sara Goddu

Megan and Sara Goddu each chose Anna Maria College to purse their dreams.  The Somerset, MA, twin sisters both wanted to be a part of a small school, close to home.  They didn’t mind attending the same school, but rooming together was not an option.

As juniors at AMC, they are each pursuing different aspects of the music program and are blazing the trail as two of the College’s first honors students.


Megan Goddu was not content just learning and playing the violin.  In high school she took up the oboe and learned the alto sax to play in the marching band.  At AMC she is learning the guitar and piano.  She also sings.  This year’s American Idol: look out!

Megan loves music and has dreamed of studying music ever since she can remember.  “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she shares, which is why she chose to study music therapy at Anna Maria.  What she didn’t expect was to become a part of the first Honors Program on campus and expand her education beyond music.

“Being a part of the Honors Program is a great experience,” explains Megan. “We are able to study the College’s Core Courses as a group, which allows us to not only be challenged by the professors, but also to challenge each other to share ideas and express our thoughts in a safe environment.  We have a great rapport,” she adds.

According to Megan, the honors program also gives her the opportunity to learn how to be more resourceful and to use her critical thinking skills to get results.  “We look at outcomes and combine our research with hands-on learning,” she explains.  “I know the skills we are learning will help us become leaders in our fields.”

As part of her music therapy curriculum, Megan is currently working at the Mercy Center in Worcester and the REACH program in Northborough, MA.  Her goal is to work with children in a hospital setting after graduation.


The upcoming American Idol star also needs to watch out for Sara Goddu, who is studying music education at AMC.  She is multi-talented like her sister Megan, singing and playing the violin.  She also participates in marching band, leading the color guard down the football field, and is excited about performing in the College’s first musical production, Guys and Dolls.  Sara loves the theater and has already had roles in several plays both in high school and at AMC.

Sara fell in love with AMC after her audition to the music department.  She then became passionate about the College’s new honors program.  “I enjoy being a part of this program and learning both in and out of the classroom,” claims Sara.  “The Honors Program provides us with opportunities to experience cultural events, lectures and seminars; teaching us that learning can happen anywhere and everywhere,” she adds.

Sara believes that the Honors Program is helping to prepare her and her classmates to be successful in the real world.  “Our professors are helping to grow our minds beyond the subject areas we are each studying.  They are approachable and knowledgeable and are willing to share with us all that they have already experienced,” she comments.

Sara is very involved at AMC, participating in the Music Ed Club, the Chorus Club, and the Drama Club, just to name a few.  She teaches music to children, some of whom are autistic, and is currently doing her pre-practicum observation at Wachusett Regional High.  After college, she hopes to become a high school choral director.