lightbluerequestinfoBOLDThe Certificate in Forensic Criminology is designed to equip students with the tools necessary for the scientific approach taken in solving crimes. Based solidly in the study of forensics, students will become familiar with the tools, methods, and techniques available to local, state, and federal investigators. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the scientific resources available today, including the most modern developments in DNA technology. Upon completion of the Forensic Criminology certification program, students will have a grasp of the criminological, sociological, psychological, and economic characteristics of rationales that may lead to the commission of a crime. 
Required Courses:
  • CRJ 805 - Forensics
  • CRJ 816 - Criminological Thought
  • Plus two electives as approved by the director


Potential Careers:
U.S. Marshal, Deputy Marshal, Chief of Police, Customs Agent, Crime Scene Investigator, Juvenile Court Counselor, Court Administrator, Victims Services Specialist, Probation Officer, Private Investigator, Community Service Managers, Prison Warden, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), State and National parks, State and Federal prisons, local corrections facilities, private security corporations and protective service, risk management/assessment companies, private investigative services, border patrol, U.S. customs, child protective services.