lightbluerequestinfoBOLDA Certificate in Health Emergency Management from Anna Maria College was designed for the student with an advanced degree interested in pursuing the specific knowledge in the field of emergency and or disaster management. This certificate is based on acquiring a total of 12-13 total credits. The certificate requires the learner taking two of the required courses listed below and having the option to choose any two of existing courses within the program. The Thesis (HEM 680) and HEM 709) Project Course are exempt.

2 Required Courses

HEM 601 Clinical Foundations for Health Emergency Management

This course provides an introduction to the study of emergency management, its history, and current functions in the public and private sectors. Key theories, concepts, and ethical considerations are introduced. It illustrates the need for integrated, collaborative operations; the grounding in data and analysis; and the focus on prevention and continuous improvement.

HEM 616 Health Emergency Management Operations and Quality

Introduces operations frameworks in the United States .Frameworks used by NGOs, the military, and international organizations are compared. The need for organization, pre-planning, and coordination is integrated with the need to expand structures and adapt plans when handling complex incidents and large, pre-planned events.

2 Elected Courses within the program exempt for the HEM 709 Graduate Seminar Project and 
HEM 680 Thesis

2 (2) Credit Simulations if elected