Health Informatics Concentration/CertificatelightbluerequestinfoBOLD
BUS 672 Health Care Administration is required in addition to any three courses from the following list:
  • BUS 672 Health Care Administration (Required)
  • BUS 637 Information Systems - Health Care
  • BUS 681 Health Care Law
  • BUS 683 Economics and Finance of Health Care
  • BUS 736 Ethical Issues in Health Informatics
  • SCM 710 Information Security
Career Outlook:
With healthcare as the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy, you can be assured you are joining a booming industry. In addition, due to the shift to electronic medical records and intake, an increase of healthcare data specialists is rapidly needed. According to the Bureau Labor Statistics, job growth among entry-level health information professionals is estimated at 22 percent, much faster than average. MBA graduates with Health Informatics expertise will be urgently needed to manage this growing workforce.
** An MBA from Anna Maria College with a Health Informatics specialization will put you in a prime position to take advantage of the new opportunities in this field.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn to incorporate health data into strategic decision making to improve business performance of healthcare organizations.
  • Develop an understanding of the ethical and legal issues surrounding electronic healthcare data.
  • Build an awareness of differences in healthcare data needs among providers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, public health agencies, medical research firms and more.
  • Enhance your ability to combine business intelligence with clinical performance analysis.
Career Focus: 
The positions would normally be Healthcare Business Analyst positions, but there are other related positions which require data crunching including but not limited to:
  • Contract Manager
  • Manager of Report Development and Production
  • Director of Medical Expense
  • Financial Modeling and Cost Analysis
  • Quality Data Analyst