Public Finance and Management Concentration/CertificatelightbluerequestinfoBOLD
Choice of any four courses from the following list:
  • BUS 611 Non-Profit/Government Accounting
  • BUS 622 Leadership
  • BUS 629 Labor-Management Relations
  • BUS 912 Grantsmanship
  • BUS 936 Budget Preparation: Non-Profit/Government
  • MPA 603 Public Policy
  • MPA 604 Strategic Planning for Public Managers
  • PSM 501 Conflict Management
  • SCM 710 Information Security
Career Outlook:
America remains an international financial center, so there will continue to be a large demand in public finance to plan, direct, and coordinate public funds. Stricter regulations being placed on financial matters to reduce taxpayer money scandals will also create more jobs in public finance. According to the Bureau Labor Statistics, analysts in public finance make an average of $69,210 in local government, $69,060 in state government, or $99,080 in federal government annually.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Apply the major business functions to public sector organizations
  • Discover how decision makers in the public sector learn how to effectively keep their organizations running smoothly in the face of a tight economy and increasing scrutiny
  • Develop and manage budgets for non-profit and government organizations
  • Examine the government's position regarding labor relations, including unions
Career Focus:
Careers in public finance and management include (but aren’t limited to):
  • Chief Executive
  • General and Operations Management
  • Public Relations and Fundraising Management
  • Public Relations Specialist