Spiritual Mentoring and Accompaniment Certificate Why study theology and spiritual mentoring at Anna Maria College?
Anna Maria College is deeply rooted in the Worcester diocese. Our alumni are ministering throughout the diocese, and our faculty include lay ministers, deacons, priests and religious sisters serving the Church in Worcester. We have the knowledge, experience and relationships to help deepen your theological knowledge and your understanding of what it means to provide spiritual mentoring and guidance to and with a fellow Christian. Required Courses:

  • THE 604 God and the Human Person
    Studies the nature of the human person in light of the doctrines of creation, revelation, sin, the grace of transformation in Christ, and community. Contemporary issues in Christian anthropology will also be addressed.
  • THE 614 Moral Theology, Christian Ethics, and Society
    Focuses on major themes of moral theology and on how Christian, especially Catholic tradition, offers guidance for ethical decision-making. The course also explores the interrelationships among moral theology, Christian ethics and contemporary society.
  • THE 620 Spiritual Identity and Faith Formation
    Facilitates self-understanding and explores stages of faith and styles and of spiritual journeying through a holistic approach to the Christian spiritual life. The course draws on selected readings, reflection and prayer to achieve these objectives.
  • THE 630: Arts and Skills for Ministry
    Introduces the student to resources and methods for developing essential skills for ministry. Career and ministry focus includes the following areas:
  • Campus ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Pastoral associates serving in a parish
  • Young adult ministry
  • RCIA
  • Deacons serving in a parish or diocesan ministry