Esthers Dream
Why you should consider attending the Esther’s Dream Summer Bridge Program

What is it?

In short, it’s 5 days of experiences designed to make starting college easier, academically and socially.

The week includes:

  • A writing seminar that will introduce the expectations of college level writing;
  • Daily sessions on important tips for college success;
  • A community service project that will feed thousands of hungry people in just 2 hours!
  • Opportunities to meet future classmates, upper-class students and staff and faculty of the college
  • Fun evening activities on and off-campus


Why attend?

  • When compared to Anna Maria College students with similar academic backgrounds, the students who attend Esther’s Dream achieve higher grades during all four years of attendance and graduate at a higher rate.
  • In surveys completed at the end of fall semester, 90% of respondents indicate that attending Esther’s Dream was “very helpful” and prepared them for college writing. They also reported that it took the stress out of meeting new people and making new friends.
  • If you complete the written assignment reflecting on the week and what you’ve learned, you will earn one college credit.


What’s the cost?

  • Your time. All expenses, including food, are paid for by a generous grant from the Sisters of St. Anne and support from the College.

“Give me five days, and I’ll make you a better college student.”  Andrew Klein, Vice President for Student Affairs.