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The Art Center Gallery at Anna Maria College will present Esther Solondz, So Lightly Here from Wednesday, February 21through Wednesday, April 11. Esther Solondz lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and keeps a studio both there and in New Hampshire. Gallery NAGA in Boston represents her. She produces gallery-scale work, and monumental outdoor sculptures. In both cases, she conspires with plants, animals, and natural elements to create a finished work of art over time. The ephemeral nature of her work and the development of it over time seem directly influenced by her training as a photographer, yet the resulting images are akin to sculpture, painting, and drawing. There are glass cylinders filled with a myriad of objects encrusted with salt, there are towers of milkweed, and of mud, and there are portraits composed of stains left by rust.

The Anna Maria College exhibit of Esther Solondz So Lightly Here, surveys the various modes employed to investigate specific natural phenomena by showcasing the marks, and structures resulting from the artist’s experiments, and collaborations with nature. The exhibit proposes to depict the behavior of these elements over time, through the presentation of the subsequent work. The exhibition of a guest artist each semester exposes students, the college, and community to a diverse range of contemporary art. An accompanying catalog further explores the artist’s work and will be available for sale at the Opening. The public, students, staff, and classes are invited to attend the Opening Reception on Wednesday, February 21 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, featuring a discussion at 5:30pm, between Solondz and Gallery Director Darrell Matsumoto.

Anna Maria College

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Department of Art & Design

Art Center Gallery at Miriam Hall

50 Sunset Lane

Paxton, MA 01712

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