The Washington Center Internship Program Fundraiser Gala

TWC Gala 2017

Pictured from left to right:  Timothy Ray, Class of 2014; Thanasi Christoforu, Class of 2014; Charles (Tony) Valenti, Class of 2014; Tori Fabiano, class of 2017; Prof. Dianne White, (also a Washington Center alumnus); Eric Kanavos (current intern) class of 2018; Victor Sambola, Class of 2015.

On evening of October 2nd, Professor Dianne White had the pleasure of hosting the Anna Maria alumni of the program at the Washington Center gala event in Washington, D.C.. And as a Washington Center alumnus herself, she was especially delighted to do so.  Those in attendance were:  Thanasi Christoforou, INTERPOL; Tori Fabiano, currently applying to law school; Timothy Ray, Montgomery County Government, Department of Police, State of Maryland; and Victor Sambola, Department of Homeland Security.  Also in attendance was our student who is currently interning with the U.S. Marshals Service, Eric Kanavos and Charles (Tony) Valenti, an AMC alumnus who also works for Montgomery County Government, Department of Police.  

There were so many noteworthy moments during the evening, but the greatest maybe the immense pride and happiness Professor White felt simply being in the company of our graduated Criminal Justice and Law and Society students who not only distinguished themselves during their time in D.C. as interns, but currently in their positions at several esteemed state and federal governmental agencies.  All of our alumni in attendance were effusive in their praise of The Washington Center Internship Program.  They described the experience as the primary impetus in bringing them back to the Metropolitan D.C. area and in securing their current positions in law enforcement.  They were also effusive in their praise of their professors at AMC, some of whom they described as “making it possible for me to be here.”  Our alumni of the program gave a special shout out, as it were, to the former Washington Center liaison for the college, Prof. Michael McCartney, with whom many stay in touch.  Also noteworthy is the generosity all of our alumni at the gala (as well as several who could not attend) who have regularly offered the liaisons and our interns in the program.  For example, within ten minutes of meeting Eric Kanavos, Tim Ray asked him if he would be interested in a ride along.  Tim then turned to me and said, “If there is anything I can do for you and your students, I’d be happy to.”  It was a night of celebration, indeed!


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