Digital Marketing Major


Digital Marketing
The future of digital marketing is rapidly changing, which requires an understanding of marketing and technology needed to drive the marketing efforts of business. The Digital Marketing major has an interdisciplinary approach that combines applied theory and hands-on learning to explain digital marketing strategies, tactics, and tools. Coursework focuses on business principles, research and analytics, marketing and communications, search engine marketing and optimization, video, digital and web design, social and mobile media marketing, and consumer behavior.


Potential careers paths in Digital Marketing include: digital content strategy specialist, digital content producer, digital marketing analyst, e-commerce digital marketing specialist, digital/internet marketing specialist, digital marketing coordinator, and digital media campaign analyst.


Learning Outcomes

All students in the business programs will demonstrate:

  • Communication abilities – concise written and oral
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Quantitative and statistical analysis
  • Ethical reasoning skills
  • Leadership and team work skills
  • Information technology skills
  • Integrative experience demonstrating the ability to synthesize and apply knowledge and skills


In addition to the overall business program learning outcomes, students in the digital marketing major will:

  • Use technology to create and communicate marketing content, particularly social media
  • Develop, implement, and manage digital marketing plans
  • Analyze the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies
  • Apply ethical reasoning and decision-making relating to digital marketing strategies
  • Synthesize and apply knowledge and skills through an integrative experience