Matt Waldschlagel  
Matthew Waldschlagel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Office: Trinity 114
Office Hours: 
By appointment
Doctor of Philosophy, Philosophy, University of Kansas
Master of Arts, Philosophy, Kent State University
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, University of New Hampshire
When I was an undergraduate student, I enrolled in a philosophy course on a friend’s recommendation. After the first few weeks in the course, I was hooked. I kept taking philosophy courses because they were the most interesting courses that I could find. I became fascinated with the way in which philosophical thinking examines deeply held assumptions, achieves clarity and insight, and promotes self-knowledge. As a philosophy professor, in the classroom I aim to carry on the tradition of active learning, exploration, and critical thinking from which I learned. I’m happy to share with students what first excited me about philosophy and what continues to fascinate me today.
Favorite Quote or Motto:
“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” -Immanuel Kant
Courses Taught at Anna Maria: 
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
Health Care Ethics
Research Interests:
Ethics, social and political philosophy, and the history of philosophy. 
“How Not to Think about Forgiveness,” Social Philosophy Today, forthcoming.
“Arrow’s Theorem and the Defense of Democracy,” Southwest Philosophy Review, Volume 26, No. 2 (July, 2010): 109-118.
“The Question of the Self-Refuting Character of Protagorean Relativism in the Theaetetus,” Auslegung, Volume 28, No. 1 (Spring/Summer, 2006): 45-58.