The growth of Forensic Sciences in recent years has been the result of the need for the application of scientific specialties to the medical and legal process of investigating and prosecuting crime. The major in Forensic Criminology will provide students with a specialized examination of the criminal justice system from both sociological and scientific perspectives. While Criminal Justice aims to study the breadth of criminal activities and its control through policing and corrections, Forensic Criminology explores the depth of crime, its causes and criminal motivation to address legal and investigative questions. Forensic means the application of science to the law. Through a focus on evidence and process, students are challenged to assess systemic and societal responses to various criminal populations and case studies.

The major serves to prepare students interested in the criminal justice system for careers in criminal justice and forensic investigations or to pursue further graduate studies. Consistent with the mission of Anna Maria College, this major will prepare students with a liberal education for professional service in society and the administration of justice.

The Learning Goals of the program are to:

  • Develop a critical understanding of the field of criminal justice and forensics through a balance of theory and practical application
  • Develop an interdisciplinary perspective on the issues which face criminal justice professionals
  • Develop leadership and decision making skills
  • Develop knowledge and foster an appreciation for research methodology and its ability to inform both policy and practice
  • Develop a critical understanding of the ethical dimensions of the field
  • Develop a commitment to social justice, civic responsibility and feel the importance of respecting the dignity of all persons