Grants and Scholarship Awarded to Anna Maria College Students
Financial Aid at Anna Maria is based on a combination of merit and need. Contact the AMC Financial Aid Office at (508) 849-3604 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions regarding scholarships.
Priority Deadlines For AMC Grants and Scholarships
March 1 for New Students
May 1 for Returning Students
*Funding is not guaranteed after the priority deadlines have passed.
Anna Maria College Merit-Based Scholarships
Anna Maria College offers institutional merit-based scholarships for full-time undergraduate freshmen and transfers. A completed FAFSA is not required for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships range in amount from $17,500 to $22,500 and are based on an academic index which is determined by the accepted student’s grade point average, class rank (if provided by the school) and SAT or ACT scores (if submitted). If the student’s school does not provide a rank or the student chooses not to submit SAT or ACT scores, the scholarship amount will be determined by the grade point average.

Anna Maria College Heart Advantage Scholarship

This $23,000 transfer scholarship is available for students transferring from any community college in New England.  Eligible students will have earned an associate degree before matriculation at Anna Maria with a minimum GPA of 2.8. Students are guaranteed admission to Anna Maria for the completion of the bachelor’s degree.

This scholarship is open to students entering most full-time, day, on-ground, undergraduate programs. Please see the details here.

The scholarship will be awarded at the time of admission to all eligible students (no scholarship application necessary). Preferred deadline is June 1 for fall admission and November 15 for spring admission. This is a merit scholarship and does not require the student to file the FAFSA. Students interested in obtaining additional need-based funding are encouraged to submit the FAFSA before March 15 for the fall semester and before November 15 for the spring semester. 

The associate degree must be posted on the official community college transcript before the student matriculates at Anna Maria. The student is responsible for having the official transcript sent to Anna Maria College prior to matriculation.

Students will be required maintain good academic standing at Anna Maria with a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average while attending the College as a full-time student.

Anna Maria College Need-Based Grants
Anna Maria College offers generous need-based grants to students who show financial need based on the filing of their FAFSA each year.
Endowed Scholarships
Anna Maria has endowed and named scholarships that it awards to students each year based on the donor’s criteria. Amounts vary.
Army ROTC Scholarships
Click here for more information on this scholarship offered through Anna Maria College.
Women's Guide for Paying for College
With options ranging from institutional scholarships and federal loans to organizational grants and work-study programs, women pursuing post-secondary education can often secure funding from multiple sources to finance their collegiate experience. For many female students, however, the problem is finding scholarships catering specifically to their interests and goals. The guide below makes this process easier by highlighting the type of women's funding programs available, providing insight on how to find and apply for scholarships, and giving advice on how to seek out unconventional funding sources. Click here for more information.
Other available scholarships
ACA Scholarship Trust Program for North Americans with French-Catholic heritage or affinity

Eligible students must have graduated from high school or obtained a GED.  They must also be a North American of French-Catholic heritage or affinity and be enrolled or accepted into an accredited institution of higher learning as an undergraduate student. Applications are now available online.


DECASO 'Future Quest’ Scholarship ($2,500)

  • Open to graduating high school seniors, college undergraduates, and graduate students of any major
  • Students are asked to submit a 500-word essay designing their ideal future and their plans to achieve that dream
  • Minimum 2.0/4.0 cumulative GPA required
  • Students must be enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited 2-year, 4-year, or vocational/technical college or university in the U.S.


Click here to learn more.

Worcester Community Foundation Scholarships

Greater Worcester Community Foundation offers many college scholarships, ranging in size from $300 to $5,000. Students apply online from January through early March. Recipients are selected in April and May. Scholarships are awarded for the following academic year beginning in September. All of our scholarships are awarded for full-time enrollment in an undergraduate 2- or 4-year degree program at an accredited college or university. Using information from the scholarship application, Foundation staff match all applicants with the scholarships for which they are eligible. Applications are available online

Available Federal and State Grants
Federal Pell Grant
The Federal Pell Grant ranges from $588.00 to $5,550 for the year. Students must complete a FAFSA each year and demonstrate exceptional financial need to be eligible.
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
The FSEOG is awarded to students, who demonstrate exceptional financial need and are working on their first undergraduate degree. The Financial Aid Office determines the recipients and the amounts of the individual awards. FSEOG is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and priority is given to Pell Grant recipients.
State Grants
Information for state grants are collected from the FAFSA each year and sent by the Department of Education to the state of residency listed on each student's FAFSA. Each state has set deadlines to be eligible and amounts vary from state to state and year to year. Anna Maria will award state grants as soon as it is notified by each state. States that participate in this program include Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia. States may opt out from year to year. Contact your guidance counselor or appropriate state agency for application information and deadline dates.
MA Gilbert Grant
The Gilbert Grant is awarded to students with residency in the Commonwealth of MA with financial need. Students must be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credits) to be eligible. The Financial Aid Office determines the recipients and the amounts of the individual awards. MA Gilbert Grant is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and priority is given to Pell Grant recipients.
MA Part-Time Grant
Anna Maria College may receive a small allowance from the Commonwealth of MA to award to MA resident students, who are enrolled less than full-time. The Financial Aid office determines who receives the funds based on need and priority deadlines.
Veteran's Benefits
Anna Maria College is approved by the Board of Regents of Higher Education for the purpose of training veterans and other eligible persons. Veterans who are eligible to receive benefits should consult the Registrar's Office for the specific details of application and enrollment certification. Any changes in course registration and/or full-time status must be promptly reported to the Registrar's Office.
Outside Scholarship Policy

Numerous private scholarships are available through outside organizations and can be an invaluable source of assistance to students. Information on such scholarships is often available at your local library, the Guidance Office at your local high school, or on numerous web-based scholarship searches. We encourage all Anna Maria College students to pursue as many outside scholarship opportunities as possible. If you are the recipient of an outside scholarship, you must report the award and the amount to the Office of Student Financial Aid. It is the student’s responsibility to make us aware of any source of funding not listed on your award letter. Federal regulations require that your total financial aid not exceed your calculated financial eligibility.  In some cases, outside scholarships may necessitate an adjustment to your financial aid package. Whenever possible, self-help awards (loans and/or employment programs) will be reduced before grants or scholarships are impacted. Anna Maria College policy does not allow for grant and scholarship funding in excess of the cost of tuition.

Outside Scholarships Available to Anna Maria Students