Graphic Design

The Department of Art & Design at Anna Maria College offers a modern comprehensive program in Graphic Design within a vibrant liberal arts college curriculum.  Coursework and class related activities encourage the investigation of contemporary directions in art, imaging and visual communication in a wide range of media including print, interactive, web-based and motion graphics.  Assignments promote the development of projects that address diverse approaches to successfully communicate complex ideas. Technology, theory and methodology are addressed as appropriate to the discipline to prepare students to succeed in a fast paced continually evolving technological and theoretical environment.  A solid foundation in the visual arts and advanced course work in aesthetics, art history and theory solidify the educational experience. Through the combined experience of professional practices, internships and senior project and exhibition, the students develop a cohesive portfolio for either admission to a graduate program or the pursuit of a career as a design professional. As this is a professional degree, students may wish to combine this program with a major or minor in Business.


Upon completion of a BA in Graphic Design, students will:

  • Exhibit working knowledge of technologies and equipment applicable to their area(s) of specialization. Familiarity with the historical achievements, current major issues, processes, and directions of their field(s).
  • Gain perceptual acuity, conceptual understanding, and the technical facility at a professional entry level in their chosen field(s). The ability to perceptively analyze works of art and design and to critically evaluate its quality.
  • Be able to understand the historical and cultural context of art and design.
  • Demonstrate functional competence with principles of visual organization, including the ability to work with visual elements and its application in drawing, two-dimensions and three-dimensions, color theory, and digital arts.
  • Work independently and collaborate with others, on a variety of art and design projects. The ability to conceptualize, research, and produce an independent project.