Health and Community Service

With the rapid changes in the delivery of healthcare, graduates from the BS in Health and Community Service will be able to work as an important member of a healthcare team to guide patients/families through a variety of complex “Healthcare Systems” such as a health plan, health insurance, hospitals, community clinics, ambulatory care organizations/ACOs, health and human services, public and governmental level health programs, and medical practice offices. The BS in Health and Community Service will also provide students with an educational background to pursue graduate studies in health care, public administration, and social service fields. Consistent with our mission, this major has a focus on social justice and our overall underlying goal of educating the whole person. A significant strength of this program is that we assist the student in exploring all types of career opportunities. Once determined what they are most interested we work with each student to provide them field experiences that match their career interest(s). Program Internships or Field Experience Routine Placements

  1. Adult Day Care: Shadow Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Recreational Therapists
  2. Centers for Disabled Adult and Children: Shadow Nurses, Autism Specialists and Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists
  3. Veteran: Shadow Case Managers and Residential Counselors
  4. Clinical Trials Placements: Shadow Patient Advocates and Navigators
  5. Public Schools: Shadow a Certified Health Teacher, Elementary Schools
  6. Boston Hospital’s: Shadow Physician Assistants
  7. Health Insurance Companies: Shadow In-Take and Admissions Specialists
  8. Medical Billing and Coding: Shadow Medical Billing (Electronic Health Records); Shadowing Emergency Department Patient Coordinator
  9. Patient Advocate for Pediatric Health Center: Shadow Child Life Specialist – Pediatric Palliative Care
  10. Residential and Respite Care: Shadow Hospital Administrator

Employment Positions Health and Community Service graduates acquired after graduation 

  1. Community Outreach Coordinator 
  2. Health Insurance Specialist: Specialize in Physician and Hospital Billing/Payment
  3. Healthcare Residential Coordinator 
  4. Healthcare Compliance Specialist 
  5. Respite Counselor 
  6. Case Manager 
  7. Patient Advocate Specialist Mental Health Specialist 

Health and Community Service Program Student Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the Anna Maria College Baccalaureate in Health and Community Service Program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Relate the foundations of scientific knowledge including biological and life sciences to the concepts of health and illness.

  • Demonstrate effective care coordination through navigation and advocacy skills to ensure medical and health needs are met.

  • Demonstrate effective use of confident communication and sensitivity skills.

  • Demonstrate effective teamwork, problem-solving and adaptability skills.

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