Honors Requirements
Honors Program students earn 100 points during their time at the college. At least half of a student’s points must be earned through academics, while the remaining points may be earned through a combination of academic, leadership, service, and cultural activity points.

First-year students must achieve a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA by the end of their first year; sophomores must achieve a minimum 3.1 cumulative GPA, juniors must achieve a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA, and seniors must have a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA in order to graduate from the Honors Program.

Academic Points
Honors Course
The primary way to earn Academic Points is by taking an Honors Course. The seven honors courses in permanent rotation are:
  • First Year: Freshman Composition, First Year Experience, Introduction to Philosophy, Writing through Literature
  • Sophomore Year: Introduction to Theology
  • Junior Year: Catholic Worldview
  • Senior Year: Honors Thesis
Honors Contract
Any course can potentially be turned into an Honors Contract with the agreement of the faculty member.  Students and professors work in conjunction to determine the conditions of each contract (i.e. additional work, presentation, independent research, etc.).

Research or Creative Work
Honors Program students may complete a directed study on an original topic, present at a regional or national conference, or publish in an academic journal.

Leadership Points
Student Government
Honors Program students may hold an elected office with the Student Government Association (SGA).

Student Clubs
Leadership Points may be earned by establishing and/or performing a leadership role in an on-campus club or student group.
Service Points
Campus Involvement
Service Points may be earned by helping in some capacity with AMCAB, Campus Ministry, Residence Life, or the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Community Activity
Honors Program students may engage in activities that demonstrate civic responsibility and a commitment to the community. Charities and organizations may or may not be affiliated with Anna Maria College and might include Alternative Spring Break or Habitat for Humanity.

Cultural Activity Points
Study Abroad
Cultural Activity Points may be earned through semester-long or short-term (i.e. Spring Break) study abroad.
Cultural Events
Cultural Activity Points may be earned through the organization of, or participation in, plays, performances, concerts, art exhibits, etc.