Health Science
Students who major in Health Science build a broad science literacy and and combine it with knowledge of particular threats to human health from environmental, occupational, and life-style factors.   The advanced student integrates this preparation with a study of individual and community strategies for protecting and enhancing human health.

This major prepares students for a wide variety of goals including transfer into the Bachelor in Nursing major at AMC. Students also may prepare for entry into post-graduate study leading to professions such as physician, dentist, veterinarian, physician assistant, pharmacist, or physical therapist. Some students go on to post-graduate study in the life sciences including biology or biotechnology. Health Science students also will be prepared for entry level positions in health related settings such as medical or research laboratories, public health agencies, non-profit organizations, and other science-based arenas. 

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Health Science, students will have: 

  • Acquired the basic science literacy needed for entry level work in health science or to prepare for graduate study
  • Learned to use investigative and analytical tools central to health research
  • Developed skills that allow for evaluation of the complex contexts that shape human health
  • The ability to apply values, ethics, and concepts of justice to human health concerns